Chiropractic is not the treatment of conditions or illnesses, but many individuals with varying symptoms find almost miraculous relief with our specific approach to restoring normal body function.  We never want to give the impression that we are boasting a cure or treatment for any disease, but rather, understand that when the nervous system is functioning to its optimum level, you are able to be your healthiest.  Can chiropractic help a person with XYZ?  The answer is always “YES” because all living beings have the inborn ability to heal and function at a better level.  They just need the interference to that process removed or reduced.  So even someone with a genetic disease (let’s say Diabetes) can be helped through corrective chiropractic care as a person.  That does not mean that we are treating the diabetes or even claiming to cure or help the condition, but rather we are looking to make that person a healthier person who also happens to have diabetes.  The same is true for anyone, whether you are sick or not.  “Help” is meant to assist you the individual in being a better person, not as in treating you.  

With that said, we have seen incredible changes in individuals since our office opened in 1986.  Specific Chiropractic has had a rich history in seeing sick people get well and in seeing seemingly hopeless cases turn around.  The research clinics from the mid-1900 have well documented cases showing the drastic effects of Specific Chiropractic in helping many individuals with varying conditions.  Check out the Journal of Subluxation Research by clicking this link:  Journal of Vertebral Subluxation Research   for more interesting research cases going on today.   Another great research web site is:  Vertebral Subluxation Organization . 


Crohn’s Disease – A 17 year old man was seen for specific chiropractic care.  He had symptoms of weight loss as a result of mal-absorption, chronic diarrhea and a limited diet.  After several months of care, all symptoms disappeared, he took himself off all medication and he gained 10 pounds.  He now enjoys the life a 17 year old high school student should.

Uncontrolled Vomiting – A six year old girl who had uncontrolled and frequent vomiting (several times per day) since birth was seen for specific chiropractic care.  She would, without warning, have violent and copious (a large amount) episodes of vomiting almost daily, several times a day.  She created "difficulties" at school and out in public.  Her family did not travel to avoid problems.  Almost immediately after her first adjustment, all symptoms almost stopped.  After about a month, she only had 2 episodes; one after overindulging on junk food at a party and once after being scared by a bear while camping (I think I would too!!)  Rather than several episodes a day, she currently (after 5 months) has about 2 episodes a month usually related to overeating or an emotional event.  She is now a happy, upbeat little girl; as God intended! 

Nocturnal Enuresis - A 10 year old girl who suffered from nocturnal enuresis (bed wetting) on a nightly basis was brought in for specific chiropractic care.  She RARELY went through the night without completely soaking herself.  This problem is seen somewhat as a taboo in our society.  Sometimes the children are punished or even rigged with an electrical device that gives them a shock if they wet themselves.  Real science, real compassion, really getting to the cause of the problem, really human ....NOT!!!  She started with me in mid-September 2003 and began having "victories" right away.  Within 4 weeks she was down to about 2 wet nights a week as opposed to 7.  As of December 2003 she was wetting herself about twice every 3 weeks. This condition almost always responds to specific chiropractic.  We address the subluxations in the brain stem (upper neck) that affect the breathing centers of the brain as well as the lower back and pelvis which directly affects the bladder function.  It just makes sense to address the problem rather than punish the victim.  Interestingly, her younger brother is also affected so many critics would push it off to genetics.  Not so as if it was, she would not have responded so instantaneously.  Of course, the critics would call is a coincidence; as I have heard so many times in the past.  I guess they fear that which they do not understand (takes money out of their pockets) so they rationalize it with "science".  I'd like to give them a shock for every child they torture with these devices!  We have seen many children (as old as 13) respond with this troublesome condition.

Headaches And TMJ Pain - A 68 year old woman came to me as a last resort for neck pain, headaches and pain radiating into her jaw joint (TMJ). She had difficulty moving her jaw as well and it cracked a lot. She had tried the drugs and injections prescribed by her MD over a 2 year period. After ONE adjustment, she woke up for the first time in 2 years without a headache. After just 10 days of care, she is on the road to not only feeling better, but good health and happiness without having to live day in and out in pain.

Foot Pain - A 75 year old male came in for specific chiropractic care who had back pain.  He also had a long history of foot pain and cramps.  He had surgery on his feet with limited success.  After correcting his spinal subluxations, he reported to me that his feet were pain free for the first time in years!

Back, Neck & Shoulder Pain - A 56 year old female came to the office with numerous complaints including back pain, neck pain and shoulder pain.  After her FIRST adjustment, she was able to shower for the first time in years without crying in pain while trying to shampoo her hair.  Imagine what changes will take place once optimum correction takes place!

Colic & Vomiting - A 5 week old infant was brought in (as a last resort) for specific chiropractic care who had colic, spitting up and a general poor demeanor.  His "medical" diagnosis was acid reflux.  After the first visit, his parents reported he was sleeping better.  After the second visit, he was much improved and "just seemed to be in a better mood .. more happy" according to Mom and Dad.  The power is on.  Spinal nerve stress caused by the birth process is common.  Even the most "perfect" birth is very traumatic.  Approximately 30 to 40 pounds of pressure is exerted on the infants head and neck when delivered.  This is more in the case of forceps or vacuum extraction. Common problems involve the upper neck (C1 and C2).  A subluxation here can affect development, growth, breathing (a primary cause of SIDS in infants), posture, immune function, ear and eye function, coordination and more.  An adjustment to an infant involves ounces of pressure.  It is safe and effective. Do not wait to have your newborns checked as soon as possible after birth.  It literally can be a matter of life and death.

Spinal Stenosis & Sciatica - A 72 year old male came to the office a while ago with low back and sciatic nerve pain (shooting leg pain).  He was diagnosed medically with spinal stenosis.  After an initial intensive course of chiropractic care and follow up maintenance care (currently once per month), he is relatively symptom free.  Even thought the "disease" is still there, by keeping the spine adjusted and the joints moving, he is able to enjoy life and was able to avoid back surgery.  Imagine the spinal bones as rings stacked one on top of the other.  The spinal cord sits in the canal formed by the holes in the rings.  If a ring gets out of alignment, the cord gets pinched.  We call this a subluxation.  Stenosis complicates things because calcium deposits (osteoarthritis) builds up on the inside of the rings.  This makes the diameter of the canal (across the inside of the holes) smaller.  Add a subluxation to this problem and we have an even smaller opening for the cord.  By keeping the rings lined up as best we can, we are able to give the cord as much room as possible so it does not get pinched.  Remember, when the spinal cord is involved, the electrical impulses from the brain from that point down are affected (think of Christopher Reeve).  This is why the elderly can benefit so much from our care even if they were told "they have to live with it" or "there is no treatment that will help". 

Autism - A  boy began care in December of 1999 at age 2 3/4 with no speech and a medical diagnosis of AUTISM.  This condition is marked by a withdrawal of the patient into their "own world" with little or no speech, repetitive behavior, little or no eye contact, poor coordination and a general inability to interact with society and the world around them.  After 2 years of care involving upper cervical specific and cranial care, he showed great signs of change including 2 and 3 word sentences and some eye contact.  He entered kindergarten in September, 2003 with close to no observable signs of the condition and is now using full sentences and has a complete understanding of the world around him.  Many authorities feel that AUTISM is linked to a reaction to the MMR vaccine.  Currently at age 6 he has no apparent deficits and is playing peewee hockey.

Confusion, Tinnitus & Memory Loss - A woman in her seventies came in with numerous complaints seeking specific chiropractic care.  Her main problems involved memory loss, confusion, ringing in her ears and a drainage sensation in her head and throat.  After 4 months of regular care, she steadily improved to the point that most of these symptoms have significantly lessened or have completely gone away.  She can think clearer and her memory is returning.  The drainage is almost gone.  I used a combination of Cranial work, Upper Cervical Specific, Sacro-Occipital technique and Pierce drop work.  That may mean nothing to you, but the point is that there was not any one special thing that I did, but rather a combination of methods to correct her subluxations and restore her health. This is a remarkable case that shows that given some time, miracles can happen at any age.  I can only guess that without any care, in time she would have developed dementia. 

Asthma, Back Pain & More - This is a 21 year old female with a main complaint of back pain.  She also had other problems that included constant headaches, constipation, asthma and generally just not feeling good.  Within 2 weeks of specific chiropractic care, ALL of her symptoms disappeared including her asthma.  She is a new person with a positive outlook on life and her health.  The power is on!!  (PS.. she was contemplating surgery to ease her pain which is now not in the cards) 

Foot Drop - An 82 year old male came in with low back and leg pain as well as a condition known as "Foot Drop."  He was unable to lift his right foot up off the floor and when he walked, he would literally trip over his own foot as it would drag.  This is a result of a pinched nerve which controls the muscle in the front of the leg which normally lifts the foot up when we walk.  When the electricity from the brain cannot get through due to a subluxation, the muscle cannot do what it is supposed to do even when the brain wills it.  Over the year, he has regained about 40% of the use of the muscle and his legs feel overall "stronger and lighter."  He said just today that he was able to do yard work and does not need his cane as much to walk.  Given time and less nerve pressure, the body can heal and restore the nerve supply. 

Arm Numbness - A middle aged man with chronic pain and numbness down his arm that has been slowly getting worse for over a year.  After a short course of specific adjusting, his symptoms have improved and he is only occasionally bothered by the symptoms in certain positions.  He admitted to me that he figured he would "have to live with it" as so many people do.  After a year of care, all symptoms are gone and he is living and working as a police officer normally.

Choking & Tinnitus - A 67 year old woman came in for specific chiropractic care with neck and arm pain.  After 6 weeks, she informed me that she could now lie on the arm at night to sleep without pain.  Also, the choking feeling she has had in her throat for years as well as the ringing (tinnitus) in her left ear had gone away.  She was told she would have to live with these problems.  This is why an understanding of the BIG IDEA is important.  When a chiropractor gives a specific adjustment, we are not trying to get rid of your pain or cure you of your illness.  We are correcting subluxations that interfere with the normal transmission of nerve impulses that control and coordinate ALL functions in your body.  As the interference is reduced and the patient is given TIME to heal, changes will take place throughout the entire body.  These other problems that clear up we like to refer to as SILENT MIRACLES.  They are the unexpected "side effects" that occur usually in addition to the improvement of the original problem that brought the patient to the office.  Have you read the side effects on the bottle of your favorite drug lately?

Car Accident / Whiplash - A young women was in a car accident 18 months ago prior to seeing me and had been in pain with her neck and head ever since.  She received months of physical therapy, drugs, Etc., and was told to live with it.  After her FIRST adjustment, she woke the next morning without a headache for the first time since the accident and has been pain free since!!  She reports that her life is getting back to normal and she was able to play with her niece and nephew like she used to as well as many things we all take for granted.

Migraines - One woman came to us with SEVERE headaches.  She was massively drugged and "out of it".  I broke one of my golden rules and adjusted her (the Axis or C2) on the first visit and she immediately began to have relief.  Other than a few minor episodes of "regular" headaches, she is for the most part pain free.  There are hundreds of cases being helped with Migraine headaches in my office alone. 

Sinus Congestion - A patient came to us with severe sinus congestion (and a variety of other complaints) and was contemplating surgery.  Immediately after her first adjustment, her sinuses began to open up and drain.  This condition commonly responds to specific adjustments.

Tourette’s Syndrome - A middle age man with facial tics was seen with great results (a minor form of Tourette’s Syndrome).  He is almost symptom free at this time.  We have seen other cases involving 3 different boys ages 6, 6 and 10 with this condition.  All responded excellent with resolution of the facial twitches and one also had vocalizations which stopped.  All cases involved correcting a brain stem subluxation (upper neck) with upper cervical specific care.  

Tourette's Syndrome - A 6 year old boy came to the office with symptoms of facial tics (head movement), eye blinking and so on which developed after he fell playing hockey and slid head first into the goal post.  After correction of his brain stem subluxation, the symptoms stopped and he was able to have a "normal" life.

Headaches - A 61 year old male suffering from daily bouts of waves of head pain and headaches for over 5 years.  After just 2 weeks of specific chiropractic care (knee chest technique), he was almost totally rid of all symptoms. 

Neck Surgery & Leg Pain - A middle age woman had suffered for many years with neck and low back pain radiating into her leg.  She had a car accident several years ago as well that resulted in the top two bones in her neck wired together and fused.  After her first adjustment, her leg pain was greatly reduced.  After two weeks of care, she has a much less frequency of pain as well as less intensity.  It is a common misconception that people with back / neck surgery or fusion cannot utilize chiropractic care.  Since specific chiropractic does not involve twisting the neck, it is very safe and effective for individuals who have had surgery or have herniated or ruptured discs.

Ear Infections – We have seen numerous children with chronic ear infections respond to corrective specific chiropractic.  The adjustments help the eustachian tubes in the ear drain as well as in aiding the immune response.  Even kids that have had tubes inserted in the ear drums respond to this care.  Remember that we are NOT treating the infection, but rather helping the body help itself to function properly.

Deafness – A 68year old woman came in for specific chiropractic care.  At age 7 she was struck in the ear by a Japanese officer causing the ear to bleed.  A loss of hearing resulted. She was later exposed to a grenade explosion at close range when she was a young girl in Europe and had an instantaneous loss of what hearing she had left.  She used a hearing aid to help magnify what little sound it could, but without it, she could hear nothing.  I, as anyone else, would have ASSUMED that the explosion damaged the hearing nerve and that there was no way possible to make it heal.  Especially so since she has been this way for 59 years. After about 3 visits, the patient reported to me that she could hear clearer with her hearing aid on.  At the forth visit, she reported that for the first time since the explosion, she could hear sounds WITHOUT THE HEARING AID in her ear!!  She said it startled her since she was not used to hearing these noises.  Little by little she saw some improvements.  Although far from 100%, her small gain is huge for her none the less.  As of her last hearing test in January, 2007, her hearing had increased by 10db from when she had first started care!  This is the best it had been in decades!! 

Chiropractic 101 — Who was Harvey Lillard?  His hearing was restored by Daniel Palmer in 1895 by a SPECIFIC ADJUSTMENT which resulted in the development of Chiropractic as we know it today.  Even I have to be reminded that anything is possible when you tap the recuperative healing power of the human body.

Swallowing Difficulty – A man in his late 60’s came in with back pain.  After helping him with this simple complaint, he explained to me how he had trouble swallowing for many years.  When I explained to him that the nervous system controls the muscles responsible for this bodily function, he decided to let me check him for subluxations.  Utilizing upper cervical specific care, within a short time he was able to eat and swallow normally.  One important side note:  several years earlier he had surgery for this condition to “stretch” his esophagus (food tube to the stomach).  They stretched a bit too much causing his esophagus to rupture requiring emergency surgery to repair the exploded tube. He has a large scar on the trunk of his rib cage.  Now imagine all the damage that was done between the stretching and the surgery to save his life and consider the fact that a simple procedure like an adjustment improved his symptoms.  Try chiropractic first – surgery should always be the last resort unless your life is on the line.

YOU!! - This case refers to YOU!  Every time you get adjusted and your subluxations are reduced, your immune response jumps up 200 to 400 percent (the more immune deficient you are, the bigger the response) and your cells that are currently replacing themselves do so with more accuracy and efficiency (less chance of abnormal (I.E. Cancer) cells taking their place)...All of your bodies cells are replaced at set intervals by the body.  Your balance and coordination are better.  Your elimination is more efficient and regular.  You can think clearer (children in studies under chiropractic care tend to have higher IQ's).  Your spinal joints will not wear away and deteriorate (spinal decay) as quickly.  You have better circulation of blood, lymph drainage and cerebrospinal fluid which all help to either get nutrients where they are going quicker or clean up garbage in your system more efficiently.  You are a better you.  The power us on!!

Constipation – Carpal Tunnel  This case involves a 37 year woman that came into the office in early August of 2006 with complaints of lower back pain that “dropped (her) to her knees” while getting out of bed.  In her case history she also related several other issues including a numb feeling in her arms and fingers, “Carpal Tunnel”, and constipation.  The constipation was so bad that she had not had a bowel movement more than twice each week for 18 years. She was examined and found to have multiple spinal subluxations.  Specific, corrective adjustments were administered and her progress was monitored by computerized infra-red paraspinal thermography.  After just 6 adjustments in less than a two week period, she reported that her constipation was gone and she was having regular bowel movements every day!  In less than three weeks she reported that the back pain was gone and in just under one month of care, she reported that the “Carpal Tunnel”, hand and arm numbness rarely bothered her anymore, even when working with her hands 14 hours one day!  Remember that only ten percent of your nerves carry pain.  The others help regulate EVERY other function of your body.   

Leg Collapses – Numerous Complaints -   66 year old man that came into the office in late June, 2006 with complaints of lower back pain radiating into the left leg. These symptoms started after he fell off of a roof in 1992 breaking his tail bone and later in March of 1996 after he fell on the ice and broke his left leg. This last injury was so severe, that his foot was actually facing backwards after the break.  He also complained of headaches, memory loss, neck pain, sinus problems, spasms in the arms, pain between the shoulder blades, shortness of breath, a “nervous stomach”, numbness in the left foot and toes and a weakness in the leg (when he would go to stand up, he would stagger and sometimes fall).  He had been under the care of a therapy based chiropractor for 10 years with only some relief to his low back.  He began under specific chiropractic care in this office receiving adjustments to his subluxations and began to see remarkable results. After his FIRST ankle adjustment, the pain, numbness and weakness in the left leg was totally relieved and as of early October, had only occasionally flared up minimally.   He now enjoys working around the house and doing his daily chores with little to no pain or stiffness.  He didn’t need any fancy remedies, just no interference to his central nervous system.

Fibromyalgia - This case involves a 27 year woman that came into the office in early March of 2006 with a diagnosis of fibromyalgia.  She had numerous complaints including fatigue, debilitating pain, headaches, joint aches,  numbness in her right foot and leg (throbs and swells also), sinus problems, allergies, constipation, cold feet and hands, numbness and pain in both arms and hands, and weakness.  Her medical care was included numerous drugs and she was told that she had to live with it for the rest of her life.  As a result, she could not function or maintain a full time job.  She was examined and found to have multiple spinal subluxations, with the primary area being the upper cervical spine (Atlas and Axis).  Specific, corrective adjustments were administered and her progress was monitored by computerized infra-red paraspinal thermography.  After her FIRST adjustment, she slept through the night for the first time in years.  By her third visit, she began feeling more energy, less pain and more alive than she had since this all began.  Within a few more visits, she was relatively pain free and almost normal.  She was able to live her dream of moving out of state and immediately started a full time job.  These changes were nothing short of miraculous.  What would her life have been like had she not been referred in for care and had been open minded enough to try chiropractic?  Aside from the daily pain and fatigue, she was poisoning herself with drugs that were prescribed to treat something that does not exist and had NO positive effect on her condition.  

Chiari Brain Surgery / Fibromyalgia -    This case involves a 35 year old woman that came into the office in early June of 2006 with a diagnosis of Chiari Malformation (1).live with it and take worthless and dangerous medication.  As a result, she could not function or maintain a job.  She also under went decompression of the brain stem by having a section of her skull trimmed out.  She was examined and found to have multiple spinal subluxations, with the primary area being the upper cervical spine (Atlas and Axis) as well as a reversed neck curve.  Specific, corrective adjustments were administered and her progress was monitored by computerized infra-red paraspinal thermography.  Within several weeks of care, she began to have less headaches and migraines and a decrease in her overall pain.  While she, at this point, has a long way to go, she is feeling positive about her future and the benefits of the 5 weeks of chiropractic care that she has received to date.

(1) Chiari Malformation is when a portion of the brain stem (the cerebellar tonsils), extends down into the upper spinal cord.  It can occur in varying degrees.  I have seen several patients with this diagnosis lately and notice that all of them have a lost or reversed cervical (neck) curve.  I theorize that the reversal of the curve tractions or pulls the brain stem down in these cases and what seems like a “malformation” is actually a bad subluxation pattern.  Unfortunately for some, surgery is performed before conservative and safe specific chiropractic is given a try.  

Double Vision – Head Tilt – Poor Coordination -  This case involves an 8 year old boy who was brought in to the office in mid October, 2005 for a significant head tilt that had been present since birth.  These situations usually involve pre-birth stress as the fetus is constrained in a poor position for many weeks during the late stages of the pregnancy.  What results is a shortening of the muscles on one side of the neck as well as a malformation of the vertebrae of the neck.  They can become wedge shaped instead of rectangular due to the constant uneven pressure while they are rapidly being formed and developed.  Also, the skull or cranium can become mis-shaped due to the unequal pulling of the muscles attached to it.  This boy had other problems as a result which included a weakness on the left side of his body, being uncoordinated and seeing double.  The last problem required him to turn his head sideways to look at or read  something.  He was found to have a significant rotation of the top three vertebrae in his spine (upper neck).  Corrective adjustments were started as well as some muscle stretching and muscular reeducation techniques.  He was also provided with at home "brain retraining" exercises to get the left and right side of his brain to work together.  After just a few weeks of care, great changes began to take place.  By mid-December, 2005 he is holding his head much straighter, the left side of his body is getting stronger, he has become more coordinated (video games, running, jumping and so on) and his vision is improving.  Never underestimate the power of an adjustment!!  Kids have an incredible ability to heal.  Do not hesitate or wait to get them under care; even if it is just for an evaluation.  

Cluster Headaches - This case involves a 57 year old man who came to the office in February of 2005 with complaints of severe headaches, eye pain and light sensitivity.  The headaches came on suddenly in May of 2004 with the same sensation when you eat ice cream too quickly. They would last for 10 minutes and come on about 10 times per day.  These are considered “cluster headaches”.  He had seen his family medical doctor, a neurologist and an ophthalmologist.  He had 2 MRI’s and a MRA (a MRI of the arteries of his head).  All were considered “normal” and no one had any answers except to drug (mask) the pain.  He received nothing but specific chiropractic adjustments which allowed his body to heal itself.  As of May, 2005, he is not having any headaches whatsoever.  When the nervous system (the master control system) is allowed to function properly, the body does what it is supposed to do; all on its own.  Chiropractic does not cure you, only you can heal you.  Chiropractic just removes the barriers to the healing process without adding or subtracting things from it.  

Concussion – InConcussion – InConcussion – In  This case involves a twenty-two year old male college student that was sent to me in September, 2004 by his hockey coach.  He was concerned as this star player had suffered a concussion in January, 2004 while playing a game and since has been unsteady, lightheaded / dizzy and basically unconnected.  All of this prevented him from playing the game he not only loved, but planned on making a career as he had been drafted by the Philadelphia Flyers.  Care was initiated and he was found to have a subluxation complex in his upper cervical spine affecting his brain stem.  In addition to specific knee chest adjustments, he also received some cranial corrections to undue the damage caused by the impact to his skull leading to the concussion.  Within weeks he showed great progress and was able to play the entire season for the Colgate Raiders.  He continued to improve and was symptom free by early winter.  He lead his team to the ECAC finals with his incredible talents.  Upon graduating from Colgate in May, 2005, he was traded to the Los Angeles Kings (Philly had too many defense men) and is playing in the American Hockey League this fall.  

Headache – Neck Pain  - This case involves a 65 year old woman who came to the office in December of 2004 with complaints of severe headaches, eye pain, light sensitivity, sinus problems, neck pain with stiffness, grating sounds and difficulty moving it, stiffness in the shoulders, cold hands, loss of grip strength, low back and hip pain.  These symptoms have been going on for more than six years.  By early February, 2005 she was able to take a long car ride for the first time in many years without any pain.  Previously, this activity would result in severe pain.  The range of motion of her neck has returned to normal and she is feeling human again.  She received nothing but specific chiropractic adjustments which allowed her body to heal itself.  When the nervous system (the master control system) is allowed to function properly, the body does what it is supposed to do; all on its own.  Chiropractic does not cure you, only you can heal you.  

Migraines - Infertility - This case involves a 36 year old woman who came into the office in June of 2005.  She was having frequent severe migraine headaches for which she was on a bucket of prescriptions for.  While they gave her minimal relief, they did not fix the cause of her problem.  Her doctors also had her on medication to prevent her from having menstrual periods as they felt this normal monthly cleansing process was part of her problem. Aside from this unnatural roadblock, she was also battling infertility.  She received specific knee chest adjustments to her Atlas vertebra and within weeks began to have less migraines and headaches.  Within months, she was off the majority of her medication to which her neurologist brushed off as a coincidence.  This coincidence of feeling human and having monthly menstrual cycles continued and low and behold, she became pregnant.  She and her husband were blessed with a baby boy on December 28, 2006.  As of February, 2007 all are doing well and she is enjoying a normal, pain free life.

AutoAccident - Near Death - Constant Pain - Incontinence - This case involves a 35 year old woman that came into the office in July, 2006 with a variety of problems that resulted from a near deadly auto accident that occurred in July, 2005.  Her complaints included Headaches, Migraines, Memory Loss, Light-Headedness, Neck Pain / Stiffness / Immobility, Shoulder Pain, Pain in the Upper Arms, Pain Between the Shoulder Blades, Nausea, Appetite Problems Due To The Pain, Low Back and Hip Pain, Night Time Urination, Incontinence, Pain into the Buttocks, Moodiness and Fatigue.  She stated that she was very limited in her activities and could not live her life like she used to.  She had tried a variety of DRUGS, medical care and Physical Therapy.  She was also told by her insurance company, when she inquired, that chiropractic care would not help her.  They were, of course, not interested in seeing her get well, just in saving a few dollars.  Needless to say, within months, she was markedly better.  As of January, 2007, except for occasional stiffness, she regained all of her bodily malfunctions, and her pains and immobility were resolved.  She is once again a vibrant, energetic woman who can enjoy life to the fullest and not have to resolve to the medical prognosis of “having to live with it”.  She is continually gaining in health rather than continuing in a downward spiral the rest of her life.  There is help for accident victims as long as the cause of their underlying problems is corrected (subluxation).  NEVER underestimate the POWER of an adjustment.  It can save your life and that of a loved one or friend.

Ear Infections - Last Resort - This case involves a 10 month old boy who was brought in as a "last resort" in April, 2007 for an ongoing 5 week ear infection that came on after a plane flight to Florida.  He was under multiple doses of antibiotics that did absolutely no good and the pediatrician was recommending ear tubes (surgery!!) at this point.  At the recommendation of a friend, his parents brought him in for a chiropractic evaluation.  A subluxation was found at his Atlas (C1) vertebra and his cranium was not functioning properly.  These problems result in improper draining of the Eustachian tubes as well as a decreased immune response.  After his first adjustment, his parents reported that he ate a hardy meal for the first time in weeks and he slept through the night for the first time in weeks as well.  His disposition changed and he was back to his "old self".  After only 2 weeks of care, his system was balanced out and examinations of his ears did not reveal any evidence of infection.  Mom and Dad were thrilled and the pediatrician did not know what to think.  Perhaps it was just another one of those "chiropractic coincidences" he has seen from our office over and over again!  Who do you know that is not expressing full health and is at the end of their rope with medication and worthless / dangerous care?  Don't be a vessel for the secret -- spread the word that there is non-invasive help.  Our profession can only grow through your referrals. You may be saving a life by doing so.

In-coordination - Constipation - Poor Posture - This case involves an eleven old girl who came under care in mid-July, 2008.  The primary reasons for seeking care was because of difficulty running all of her life and a lack of coordination and flexibility as well as chronic constipation.  Typical of these kids, she did not crawl when she was an infant.  This is an important activity that helps develop left and right brain communication.  (As a side note, the play pens, jumpy chairs and saucers used today to keep babies occupied are denying these little ones of much needed floor time.)    After her first week of care, her Mother reported to me that she saw a difference in her.  Then friends (not knowing that she was being seen for chiropractic care), began to comment that her running was improved.  She then astonished herself by breaking her personal best swimming record.  She reports easier movement without pain and better coordination as well as more frequent and normal bowel movements.  As a bonus, she no longer needed to use reading glasses as her eyesight improved.  The power is on!!

Pediatric Chronic Constipation - A 4 year old girl came to the office in early July, 2008.  The primary complaint was infrequent and painful bowel movements.  Long story short, a few adjustments and she is going regularly and no longer reporting pain to Mom and Dad.  The power is definitely on!!  

Sports Related Low Back Injury
  - A 15 year old male with low back pain aggravated by playing baseball.  Problem solved with in a few weeks.  

Long Standing Low Back Pain Even With Regular Chiropractic Care
 -  A 35 year old woman with chronic low back and hip pain despite receiving regular chiropractic care for many years.  After her first adjustment she began to get relief.  Within weeks she felt better than she had in years.  

Back Pain From Epidural During Childbirth
  -  A 33 year old woman with back pain since the birth of her daughter in March of 2004 started care with us in late June, 2008.  By late July she was pain free for the first time in over 4 years.  I am glad that she found out about chiropractic care as she was told to "live with it".  Any questions??  

Prostate Problems
  -  A 19 year old male was referred in by his medical doctor for PROSTATE PROBLEMS associated with low back pain, numbness and pain in his right testicle, and increased frequency of urination with difficulty.  He believed that his back pain was due to a “bad bed” that he slept on during the previous year in college.  After two weeks and several specific chiropractic adjustments, he began to have days with no symptoms.  Imagine the mental and emotional relief for a young man with his whole adult life ahead of him to have symptoms like these dissipate!  We see hundreds of patients every year that get help with  a variety of symptoms that go beyond back and neck pain.  The symptoms are not the problem; they are the result of the problem.  When the cause of these symptoms is a spinal subluxation interfering with the function of the nervous system, specific chiropractic adjustments are necessary.  Remember, in most cases, the body does not need any intervention, just no interference. It knows how to heal itself once the interference is removed from the nervous system.  

Diahrrea - IBS
  -  A 59 year old woman returned to the office after a period of time with a complaint of EXPLOSIVE DIAHRREA - episodes 6 to 8 times per day - for the past few months.  She had previously been diagnosed with IRRITABLE BOWEL SYNDROME.  After ONE specific spinal  and cranial adjustment, her symptoms dramatically decreased even when indulging in corn chowder!.  Months of drugs and diet modification had close to no effect.  Why does one precisely directed adjustment have such an impact on a person?  Because when you remove the cause of the interference between the brain and the body, normal function returns as does true health.  

ADHD - Allergies - Aggression
  -  A 12 year old male was brought in by his parents frustrated by a medical diagnosis of ADHD and ALLERGIES.  This young man had major difficulty staying focused and behaving appropriately in school even though he was on 5 different drugs (medications??).  These included Risperdal (an upper and class 2 narcotic like Ritalin & Cocaine), Zoloft (a downer to counter the upper), Clariton D, Singular and Adderall (an amphetamine).  His parents explored alternative care and had read of the success of chiropractic in helping such cases.  After just a few weeks of care, his behaviors were no longer a concern.  While he is still on his medications (which had no effect on him), it is ultimately up to his medical provider to wean him safely off of them.  Hopefully, it is not too late for his body to rebalance itself once he is "clean" and we get his nervous system functioning properly again.  

Delayed Speech and Suspected Mild Autism
This first case involves a 4 year old boy brought in for care due to delayed speech and suspected mild autism.  He began care on October 29, 2008 and as of today, has become much more verbal per his mother.  Aside from the obvious improvement in language, his mother also reports that not only does he now play with other children, he is excited when he sees other kids whereas before he would shy away and rather play alone.  So what has a few safe chiropractic adjustments done to this boy's future?  Remove the interference and all else follows.  Remember, the body does not need any outside intervention, just removal (adjustment) of the barriers (subluxation) preventing the body from functioning to its optimum potential.  The power is on!!  

Severely Mentally Retarded & Severely Autistic
 The next case involves a 3 year old boy who was brought in this past summer (2008) diagnosed as MENTALLY RETARDED AND SEVERELY AUTISTIC.  His skull (cranium) was profoundly "indented" on the left side in the back.  Through several months of cranial corrective care and spinal adjustments, his speech has improved drastically and he is now on the right track.  The change in his skull is amazing to say the least.  By removing the pressure that the skull was placing on the brain, the nervous system was allowed to function and heal.  With time and proper nutrition, he will continue to improve.  "See above".  The cranial adjusting procedures I have been using over the past 10 years has certainly allowed me to witness incredible changes in the patients that have come in for care.     Skull Mis-Shaped From Birth -  This now 5 month old baby we are seeing started out with us soon after birth (Fall 2008).  Mom's concern was a severely mis-shaped  head.  It was extremely long front to back and narrow side to side.  These problems are common with the birth process (whether natural or C-Section).  He is now an awesome and handsome bruiser.  Would he have ended up like the other 2 cases above?  This is why we constantly try to educate people on the importance of have a spinal and cranial examination soon after birth.  It is not always obvious that there is a problem until the child becomes older.  "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound  of cure."  

Ear Infections A 6 month old girl was brought in by her parents in early February, 2009 as a last resort due to chronic, recurring ear infections.  Of additional concern (but not the reason for the visit) was the fact that she had trouble moving her arms and her hand grip strength was weak.  Both of these problems were more than likely caused by a trauma during the birth process.  Even a "natural" uneventful birth can cause a distortion of the upper neck and skull bone alignment.  C-Sections are no exception.  They are far from easy because the suction created by the mothers uterus results in the baby having to be extracted (pulled) from the mother.  Her parents were recommended to have tubes surgically implanted into her ear drums to relieve the pressure and to help drain the fluid.  They were told that she would still have ear infections after the surgery (because it does not fix the problem), but that the fluid would be able to drain from the infection.  After only a few specific upper cervical and cranial adjustments, she had NO return of the ear infections (even though she had a bad head and chest cold), her arms began to move normally and the strength returned to her arms and hands.  Another chiropractic coincidence.  The power is definitely on!!

Ear Infections A 15 month old boy was brought in to the office in early February, 2009.  He was actually scheduled to have tubes put into his ear drums due to chronic, recurring ear infections until his parents found out about chiropractic care.  While we do not treat ear infections, by removing the cause of the problem and helping the immune system function normally, the body has no other choice but to respond favorable.  Please see our web site for more information on this on the "Children" link.  Yes, another coincidence.  Baby and parents are doing well.  

Distorted Skull - 
A 15 month old boy was brought into the office by his parents in mid January, 2009 with a noticeable plagiocephaly (in lay terms, a distorted skull).  In his situation, the right front portion of his skull was protruding forward, and the back left side was dented inward.  He was born via C-Section.  While this distortion of the skull can occur from the baby being confined in the uterus or from being in an improper position within the mom, it can also occur from the pulling and straining during the birth or extraction process.  While he did receive spinal adjustments, his primary form of care was cranial correction (craniopathy).  As of the writing of this newsletter, his skull is approximately 90 + percent corrected.  Per his parents, he is more active and vocal as well.  What would his future be like if this had gone uncorrected?  Would it have affected his speech, thinking, reasoning, emotions, balance, hearing or more?  While we never know what effect our adjustments have on the future health of our patients, we know that the body is always better off with a properly functioning nervous system, brain and brain stem regardless of the condition (or no condition at all).  

Migraines & Neck Pain
A 45 year old woman was injured at work 5 years ago.  Care began in late February, 2009.  She had severe headaches / migraines, neck pain and poor mobility.  As a result, she was out of work for all of this time.  Within a two visits, she had relief for the first time in years despite 5 years of medical care, drugs and physical therapy.  No one ever mentioned to try chiropractic.  With time and more healing, she hopes to get back to work and be productive again.  

Cold Feet & Back Pain
A 41 year old man started care in early February, 2009 with primary complaints of low back pain radiating into his leg with tingling and a cold feeling into his foot.  Despite his active lifestyle and constant driving associated with his job, he responded well to care and after 3 weeks, most of his symptoms were relieved. 

Dry Cough / Hand Tremors - This case involves a 90 year old woman that has been a patient on and off for years in the office for back pain.  During one of her routine visits, she asked if there was anything that could be done for a dry cough she has had for years.  “I’ll try”, I told her.  Checking her cranium (skull bones), I found a compression of the hole where the VAGUS nerve exits the skull.  I corrected the compression and she reported on her next visit that the cough she had for many years was gone!!  Then she asked me if I could do anything for the tremors in her forearms and hands.  “I’ll try”, I said.  We took x-rays of her upper cervical spine (the top two bones in the neck – at the base of the skull) and did an examination.  I determined that there was a subluxation at C1 (the atlas vertebra).  I adjusted her on the knee chest table and also did a cranial adjustment.  After her 20 minute rest, the tremor had almost completely stopped.  On her next visit she reported that she could drive without her hands shaking on the steering wheel and that she had been almost perfect since that adjustment!!  Again, while chiropractic care does not treat or cure anything, EVERYONE can benefit from a properly functioning nervous system.  NEVER underestimate the POWER of an adjustment.  It can save your life and that of a loved one or friend.

Ear Infections & Poor Arm Movement - A 6 month old girl was brought in by her parents in early February, 2009 as a last resort due to chronic, recurring ear infections.  Of additional concern (but not the reason for the visit) was the fact that she had trouble moving her arms and her hand grip strength was weak.  Both of these problems were more than likely caused by a trauma during the birth process.  Even a "natural" uneventful birth can cause a distortion of the upper neck and skull bone alignment.  C-Sections are no exception.  They are far from easy because the suction created by the mothers uterus results in the baby having to be extracted (pulled) from the mother.  Her parents were recommended to have tubes surgically implanted into her ear drums to relieve the pressure and to help drain the fluid.  They were told that she would still have ear infections after the surgery (because it does not fix the problem), but that the fluid would be able to drain from the infection.  After only a few specific upper cervical and cranial adjustments, she had NO return of the ear infections (even though she had a bad head and chest cold), her arms began to move normally and the strength returned to her arms and hands.  Another chiropractic coincidence.  The power is definitely on!!  

Ear Infections - A 15 month old boy was brought in to the office in early February, 2009.  He was actually scheduled to have tubes put into his ear drums due to chronic, recurring ear infections until his parents found out about chiropractic care.  While we do not treat ear infections, by removing the cause of the problem and helping the immune system function normally, the body has no other choice but to respond favorable.  Please see our web site for more information on this on the "Children" link.  Yes, another coincidence.  Baby and parents are doing well.

Plagiocephaly (Mis-Shaped Skull) - A 15 month old boy was brought into the office by his parents in mid January, 2009 with a noticeable plagiocephaly (in lay terms, a distorted skull).  In his situation, the right front portion of his skull was protruding forward, and the back left side was dented inward.  He was born via C-Section.  While this distortion of the skull can occur from the baby being confined in the uterus or from being in an improper position within the mom, it can also occur from the pulling and straining during the birth or extraction process.  While he did receive spinal adjustments, his primary form of care was cranial correction (craniopathy).  As of the writing of this newsletter, his skull is approximately 90 + percent corrected.  Per his parents, he is more active and vocal as well.  What would his future be like if this had gone uncorrected?  Would it have affected his speech, thinking, reasoning, emotions, balance, hearing or more?  While we never know what effect our adjustments have on the future health of our patients, we know that the body is always better off with a properly functioning nervous system, brain and brain stem regardless of the condition (or no condition at all).   

Migraines / Neck Pain / Limited Neck Movement - A 45 year old woman was injured at work 5 years ago.  Care began in late February, 2009.  She had severe headaches / migraines, neck pain and poor mobility.  As a result, she was out of work for all of this time.  Within a two visits, she had relief for the first time in years despite 5 years of medical care, drugs and physical therapy.  No one ever mentioned to try chiropractic.  With time and more healing, she hopes to get back to work and be productive again.  

Low Back Pain / Tingling - Cold Feet - A 41 year old man started care in early February, 2009 with primary complaints of low back pain radiating into his leg with tingling and a cold feeling into his foot.  Despite his active lifestyle and constant driving associated with his job, he responded well to care and after 3 weeks, most of his symptoms were relieved.   

Severe Migraine / Anxiety - This case involves a 40 year old female who was referred to our office in June of 2009 for a Severe Migraine Headache.  She had been in constant pain for 6 weeks and was totally incapacitated (bed rest) as a result.  By her 4th visit, she was feeling human again, and by her 8th visit, she was pain free.  She was weaning herself off of her medications (that did not help her anyway) and returned to work as well as spending time with her family.  As of September, 2009, she is pain free and off of all medications; including other medications she was on for other health concerns before this migraine episode.

Bell's Palsy  This case involves a 37 year old female who presented to the office in the Spring of 2009 for Bell's Palsy.  This is a condition where the facial muscles (usually one side) become weak and non-responsive. As a result, that side of the face droops, including the eye lid, cheek and mouth.  Eating becomes difficult as well as talking.  The person appears to have two different personalities as each side of the face appears different.  This condition is caused by interference of the facial nerve (cranial nerve # 7).  She was adjusted in the upper cervical (neck) spine and cranially (skull bones) and after her first adjustment, reported almost complete resolution of this problem that had come on weeks earlier.  By her second visit, she was 100 % and the facial palsy has not returned. 

Facial Pain / Trigeminal Neuralgia – This case involves a 38 year old female who first came to the office the last week of August, 2009 for severe facial pain also known as Trigeminal Neuralgia or Tic Douloureux.  This condition is also referred to as the suicide pain, because many individuals with this condition end their life due to the extreme nature of the pain.  This pain had existed for over 2 years in addition to a headache and jaw (TMJ) pain.  By her 4th visit, she saw some relief, and by mid September, had no pain at all in her face or head.  As of the end of September, she had been completely pain free for 14 days.  Adjustments included upper cervical knee chest and cranial corrections.  

Hand Tremors / Facial Pain  This case involves a 71 year old female who came to the office in early January, 2010 for symptoms of severe hand tremors and neck pain radiating into her head and face.  The complicating subluxation of this case was the fact that she had opposite rotation of the top two vertebrae in her upper neck (the Atlas and Axis).  This creates a torque at the base of the brain and affects the brain stem.  The brain stem is where the nerves that control (among other things) the structures of the head and face are located.  They also affect our major organs.  She reported the best few days in 2 years after her second upper cervical specific adjustment.  Her prognosis is excellent at this point and I am confident that once the brain stem is functioning again, she will have relief of her symptoms.   

Ear Infections
 An 13 month old male was brought to the office as a last resort for reoccurring ear infections in late November, 2009.  Problem solved.  No surgery needed.   

Chronic Back Pain
A 47 year old man presented to the office in early November, 2009 because of a long standing history of mid and low back pain.  His condition was so bad that he was unable to work.  While he is not going to win the award for the miracle of the month, he is slowly improving as far as the severity of the pain is concerned and the ability to do more in the course of a day.  Over time, his body will heal to its best ability and he will be far better off than the condition he was in when he started with us.  

Concentration Problems / ADD
This case involves a 10 year old boy who was brought to the office by his parents in late September, 2009 on referral from another patient.  Their main concern was his inability to concentrate in school and do his homework independently.  He also had issues with fine motor movements.  His mother is very proactive providing him with ideal nutrition and educating herself on how to read labels and what foods are good for us and those that are bad.  Specific chiropractic provided the last piece of the puzzle in helping this young man on a path towards total wellness.  While he is not 100% as of this writing, he has made great strides and actually enjoys doing his homework on his own now.  I am confident that with time, his body will continue to heal and self regulate.  Remember, the body does not need outside intervention, just no internal interference to function properly.  (Assuming good nutrition, rest, exercise and so on). 

4 Year Migraine Headache  A 28 year old women came to the office for the first time on June 30, 2010 with a daily 4 year Migraine headache.  The head pain and pressure started two years prior, but was not daily.  She had seen numerous medical providers and neurologists who told her if she stopped thinking about the headaches, they would go away!!  Genius!!  Basically, when they can not figure out what is wrong with you, they chalk it up to being in your head.  Then the prescriptions for anti-depressants start flying in addition to the pain killers (guess they figure you can get a new kidney and liver at Organs-R-Us).  She had also seen two other chiropractors (no x-rays or scans done) who did nothing for her.  She was found to have an upper cervical subluxation complex as well as a reversed neck curve.  She was given 1 lower neck adjustment on that Friday and on Saturday morning woke with no headache for the first time in 4 years.  How awesome is a specific chiropractic adjustment applied with intent and purpose??!!  Priceless!!  Why do I take x-rays??  So I can know what I am doing.  The power is definitely on.

Head and Neck Pain  A 31 year old woman came in with intense head and upper neck pressure in late April, 2010.  She was found to have a combination of upper cervical and cranial subluxations.  While not the miracle case like the woman I wrote about above, she is having more headache free days than headache days.  With time, I am confident she will do well.  Enuf said.  

Severe Migraine
  A 32 year old woman came to the office on an emergency basis on July 19, 2010.  She has had a daily Migraine headache for over a month.  Aside from her medical provider, she had tried two other chiropractors as well.  The first never even touched her cervical spine (neck) (he only twisted her low back) and the second did a few "adjustments" and then tried acupuncture!  She also had a significant upper cervical subluxation complex as well as a reversed cervical curve.  She felt relief after her first adjustment and was pain free after her second.  Any questions??  Dr. Bartlett J. Palmer (the developer of Chiropractic) stated: "Chiropractic is specific, or it is nothing."  I could not agree more.  He developed and researched (1930 to 1955) the Knee Chest Upper Cervical Specific technique that I use in the office.  The results of this amazing corrective technique speak for itself.   

TMJ and Neck Pain 
 A 44 year old woman came to the office in mid May, 2010 due to severe TMJ (jaw) pain and neck and head pain.  She had seen numerous dentist and a local well respected TMJ specialist and spent many thousands of dollars out of her own pocket on dental work, splints and mouth guards.  Within a short period of time, she began to see results.  By late June, she was pain free for the first time in many years.  May I add that her problem was corrected for a fraction of the cost of treating the pain.  Your body is pre-programmed to be healthy, not sick.  Correcting the cause of the problem, rather than treating the symptom is the only way to optimum health.  Pulling the battery out of your smoke detector will take away the alarm (symptom) but not put out the fire (the problem).  Keep your system functioning optimally with specific chiropractic adjustments!  

Headache and Neck Pain
  A 39 year old woman was first seen on June 2, 2010 for a chronic headache and neck pain.  uncontrollable eye twitch (and had tried Botox injections and handfuls of drugs) that had great results in our office referred her in.  Problem solved with a few weeks of specific chiropractic adjustments.   

Autism - Toe Walking  This case involves a seven year old boy from Syracuse brought to the office in late August, 2010 to gain optimum health and wellness through specific chiropractic and cranial care.  He has no language and is preoccupied with videos as is typical of this condition.  Of interest was that he "toe walked" when he either walked or jumped up and down in place.  When we see this from a Chiropractic point of view, we usually know to look at the top of the spine where it joins the skull (the occipital bone).  In most cases, the occiput is rocked forward on the Atlas (the top bone in the spine - aka C1) and is locked in this position.  There is a large hole on the bottom of the occiput (foramen magnum) for the brain stem and spinal cord to pass down thru the spine.  With this situation, the back of this passage way is pressing against the back of the brain stem.  Innately, the body tightens the muscles in the back of the legs (causing the toe walking) which relieves pressure at the base of the skull.  Side note - It is a common practice for well meaning therapists to put a weighted vest onto the child in order to force these kids to walk flat on their feet --  this completely counteracts the safety mechanism the body produced (the toe walking) in order to help itself.  It is akin to taking the battery out of a smoke detector that is going off.  About a half hour after his first adjustment, his mother excitedly called my office to report that he was no longer toe walking!!  How awesome was that, I thought.  Remove the interference, and the body returns to normal.  Our hope is that he continues to improve and is able to express optimal health.

Torticollis - Plagiocephaly  5 month old male infant was brought to the office in mid-July, 2010 because his head was tipped over to one side since birth.  This condition is known as Torticollis or Wry Neck.  Since it had existed since birth, the baby also developed a mis-shaped skull known as Plagiocephaly.  This is due to the same muscles that are pulling the head to one side also pulling on the head bones since they attach to the skull.  It can also be caused by poor positioning in the Uterus, birth trauma, congenital abnormalities or sleeping in the same position repetitively.  Within a few weeks of specific adjustments and cranial care, his head no longer had a tilt to it and his skull began to reshape to normal.  As of this writing in early October, 2010, his skull is about 95% corrected.  The medical approach to this issue is to put the child in a helmet type of device to force the skull to reshape as it grows.  This, unfortunately, does not address the issues inside the skull.  Chiropractic craniopathy corrects the internal cause which allows the skull bones to return to their normal position.   There are extreme circumstances with permanent defects in the bone structure that prevent total correction, however, these kids can still benefit from the improvements we can make.  

Ear Infections
  A 10 month old male was brought to the office in July, 2010 for chronic reoccurring ear infections.  His parents were considering surgery to have tubes placed into the ear drums.  Not only is this surgery (as all surgeries) without risk, it permanently scars the ear drum which can lead to other problems later in life.  As of this writing, he has been symptom free since starting care.  While I do not claim to have a 100% success rate with these kids, my personal experience is that +/- 95% of them respond quickly and completely to specific chiropractic and cranial care.  Remove the cause and the body will heal.  

Upper Back Pain
  A 34 year old man came to the office in July 2010 for a long standing left sided upper back burning pain.  Within a few specific adjustments, he responded well and is currently symptom free while undergoing the corrective phase of his care. 

Hip & Groin Pain  A 61 year old woman started care in the office on December 15, 2010 for severe hip, groin and leg pain that had been going on for several months.  She had absolutely no relief with anything else she tried.  After her first specific adjustment, she had the first reduction in pain since it had started.  By her third visit, she had little to no pain and was able to walk normally and move the affected leg and hip without distress.  The body does not need any outside help, just no interference.

Reflux  A 66 year old woman came to the office for the first time in mid December 2010 for the usual back pain complaints that bring most patients in for care.  By her third visit, she remarked that her esophageal acid reflux condition was not only gone (that she had for years), but that she no longer needed her medication for it!!  This is where I try to get my practice members to get the big picture.  I am NOT treating your pain, but your nervous system with each adjustment.  It is awesome when a patient feels better, but miraculous when other health issues clear up.  We call these "silent miracles".  When we correct your subluxations and resultant nerve pressure, your body will function to its optimum level of health.  For some, this might be a complete amelioration of symptoms.  For others, it might just be an improvement.  So remember, every time you get adjusted, you body it getting healthier in ways you do not realize.  The power is on!!   

Long Term Fibromyalgia
  A 46 year old woman came to the office in early November, 2010. She has had a lifetime of pain and immobility and was diagnosed with "Fibromyalgia".  Her response to specific chiropractic care was so drastic (Upper Cervical Knee Chest Adjustments) that she almost doubted her results.  She is enjoying her first holiday season in over 30 years being able to function with little to no pain or fatigue.  NOTHING else was changed in her life except for the adjustments.  All other treatments and drugs she had tried since being a teenager had failed her completely which was why she was skeptical.  It is so rewarding to see someone regain health and enjoy life through chiropractic care!  Who do YOU know that is a walking medicine cabinet living life under a cloud??   

Lifetime Head & Neck Pain
  This is the teenage (age 17) daughter of the above patient who first came to the office in late November.  She has had daily neck and head pain for most of her life (since age 4).  It was assumed that she was following in mom's footsteps and had inherited her fibromyalgia.  Of interest in her history was an injury when she was four years old.  This occurred just prior to the onset of her complaints.  She had tried a chiropractor recently who took no x-rays and she received only temporary relief.  Within two weeks of her care here, she woke up for the first time that she can ever remember without any head or neck pain!  Since then she has had an overall improvement and while she is still having some symptoms, I predict that she will do great under specific care.  PAIN IS NOT NORMAL!!  There is a cause and unless the nervous system is cleared of subluxations, your body does not have a chance to be completely matter how well you eat, how much you exercise, meditate or sleep.  Where there is nerve interference there is sickness.  Who needs a chiropractic check-up???  EVERYBODY! 

Inability to Sleep   A 50 year old woman came to the office in late January with the usual neck and back complaints.  She responded exceptionally well to care well before her projected care plan schedule which was an unexpected treat for her.  She mentioned to me a few weeks ago that she has not slept more than two hours at a time since she was 15 years old.  I checked the sleep center of her cranium and performed a cranial adjustment to this area.  On her next visit, she was delighted to tell me she slept 8 hours that night and about 6 or so hours since!  This was a first for her in many, many years.  She has since been up and down with this issue, but certainly sleeping half the night is better than just 2 hours.  The body heals during our rest (sleep) phase, so it is absolutely vital to get a good nights rest.  This is one of the 6 pillars of optimum health. 

Reflux   This case is a remarkable duplication of the case I mentioned in my last newsletter.  A 66 year old woman started with us in December, 2010 for the usual back problems.  On her case history, she mentioned that she had an ongoing problem with Esophageal Reflux for which she was on medication for.  As of her last visit this past week, she has had no symptoms and she stopped taking her medication as she felt she no longer needed it.  Subluxations cause nerve interference to the entire body.  Your organs are affected as well.  Restoring proper nerve function not only makes you feel better, but helps your body as a whole function to its optimum ability.  Does Chiropractic cure Reflux??  No!!  We remove the nerve pressure so you body can self regulate and help itself do what it is programmed to do.  We are not supposed to be sick -- this is a sign that something is wrong.  We are programmed to be healthy, but can not express true health with nerve interference.  

Driving Anxiety   This is the case of a 57 year old woman who actually started with me in July of 2005.  Her main complaints included back and neck pain and the usual host of mid-life aches.  One of her other issues included severe anxiety while driving in bad weather that paralyzed her to the point that she would not leave the house and call in to work.  Through the time I have cared for her, she mentioned to me that this fear was slowly letting up and she felt more confident driving in snowy weather and storms.  She is to the point now, that she no longer misses work on bad weather days and is confident in her driving.  Was it the Chiropractic care?  She believes it was.  In the heyday of  Chiropractic (the 1930's - 1950's), there were Chiropractic Sanatoriums that were in operation as well as Chiropractic Hospitals.  The patients received Specific Chiropractic care (mostly upper cervical work) and, get this, they were monitored by Medical Doctors.  The MDs were not allowed to treat the patients, only monitor their progress.  This was research at its finest for the times.  Strict records were kept in addition to the usual blood and urine studies and so on.  The Sanatoriums boosted a 60 +% cure rate of mental related illnesses.  Better than any drugs of today can boast.  The brain is an organ and if it is not operating properly, it can malfunction just like your heart, lungs or liver.  Again, does Chiropractic treat mental conditions??  NO!!  But by removing nerve interference, hormone levels return to normal and the other neuro-transmitters can balance out allowing the brain to function as it should.   

Ear Infections
An 8 year old boy was referred to the office by a friend of his father's for chronic ear infections and decreased hearing.  The ear infections were cleared up within a week and as his body healed and the fluid in his middle ear was absorbed, his hearing was restored.  This is a common problem that almost always responds well to Chiropractic and Cranial care.  

Foot Problems
50 year old woman (a waitress) was referred to our office in Mid-February for low back pain.  In her history, she mentioned an ongoing foot problem (pain) that had gone on unresolved for many years.  One could easily assume it was from years of being on her feet and waiting tables.  After just a few week of spinal adjustments, she reported that her foot pain was pretty much gone!  While that does not surprise me, the fact that I had not adjusted her foot or ankle yet made the resolution even more remarkable.  It was apparent that the issues with her feet were coming from her spinal subluxations.   Adjusting her spine was the only different intervention that had been done to this point.  This is a perfect example of the global effects on the body that spinal nerve stress can have.  Who do you know that is not living life to the fullest?   

Neck Pain / Headaches A 47 year old woman came to the office at the end of March, 2011 for Neck pain and Headaches.  Within a few weeks she was feeling better than she has in years.  Problem solved.  

Fibromyalgia A 41 year old woman came into the office in early April, 2011 for many symptoms she attributed to Fibromyalgia.  Within a few weeks she began to improve and her future is bright again.  This "condition" commonly responds to specific chiropractic care and I wonder if it is really a long standing subluxation that wreaked havoc on the body.  I usually find a situation involving an opposite rotation of the upper two bones of the neck (Atlas and Axis).  This causes a torque on the brain stem which controls ALL vital systems in the body.  

Neck Immobility - Spasms
A 41 year old man came in to the office in late April, 2011 with a LONG history of neck pain, spasms, upper back pain and severe immobility of his neck.  His x-rays revealed severe arthritis in addition to a reversed neck curve and multiple subluxations.  Remember folks, the arthritis is the result of the subluxations not getting corrected.  So this is a clue to me that this problem has existed for many, many years.  While he has only had a few visits, he is already able to turn his neck more than he has for years.  All hope is not lost until you have seen a specific chiropractor and received corrective adjustments.       

Sciatica and Low Back Pain
A 65 year old self employed male barber was first seen on an emergency basis in mid-March, 2011 because of low back and leg pain.  He was in so much pain that he could not work and this was very upsetting to him.  His response to care has been excellent and he was back to his passion within a short period of time.  Young or middle age (or even the elderly - 85 or older), chiropractic has something to offer.  

TMJ - Neck and Back Pain
A 14 year old girl was first seen in late February, 2011 for jaw pain, neck and back pain.  She responded very well to care and is now in the Corrective phase of care as she is relatively pain free.  She has the advantage of being young and having had prior care from a classmate of mine in Florida before moving here (it is a small world after all).  The young have so much to gain from care, but most never have the opportunity because most parents do not understand the concept of a healthy nervous system and spine.  Especially if they do not have backaches, stiff necks or headaches.  This is why I never hesitate to recommend chiropractic care to anyone that had a child whether sick or not.

Dizzy Spells/ Light Headed  - An  81 year old man has been a long term patient and asked during his monthly office visit in June, 2011 if there was anything I could do for his Dizzy Spells.  On his next visit he thanked me. Problem solved. 

Leg Cramps  - A  32 year old man first came to the office in early June of 2011.  He had a long standing history (since the age of 17) of Severe Night Time Leg Cramps.  By the end of June he improved drastically and by this writing, he has had only minor issues.  Problem solved.  

GERD / Reflux
 - An 62 year old woman was first seen in the office in March, 2011 with a wide variety of complaints but primarily low back and neck pain.  On her history, she noted that she also suffered from GERD (GastroEsophageal Reflux Disease) --- AKA Agita.  Aside from drastic improvements to her neck pain, headaches and back pain, her Reflux is all but gone. The power is on.  

Daily Migraines
  - A 47 year old woman was referred to our office by a friend of hers for Daily Migraine Headaches in early April, 2011.  Migraine Headaches have been in the news again with Presidential Hopeful Michelle Bachman stating she is a sufferer.  Let me tell you, if you never had one, I hope you never do.  But please remember, this is not just a bad headache.  Aside from the unbearable pain, the whole body is affected in different ways.  I suffered personally with them at a rate of 3 or so a week from the time I was about 8 years old.  I was eventually put on Valium as the diagnosis was that I was "nervous".  Basically, if they find nothing "medically" wrong with you, then it must be in your head.  Thank God that Ritalin was not invented yet.  Anyway, long story short, Specific Chiropractic solved my problem and it did for this pleasant lady as well.  ENUF said.  

Daily Migraines
  - Another 47 year old woman was referred to our office by a friend of hers for Daily Migraine Headaches at the end of March 2011.  She had tried a number of remedies with no relief.  She can now run and get thru life as a single mom with twin boys much easier.  Problem solved.   

Ringing in the Ears
  - A 53 year old woman was first seen in late April, 2011 for a variety of problems, but mainly for Ringing in the Ears (Tinnitus).  While she is not completely symptom free at this time (July 2011), she has drastically improved from the time she started. Remember that Chiropractic was discovered when the hearing of a deaf man who had been afflicted since an accident 17 years earlier was restored.  The Power is turning ON!!  

Dizzy Spells/ Light Headed / Ringing in the Ears
  - A 70 year old woman, who was a former patient, returned in the spring of 2011 with a primary complaint of long standing Dizzy Spells and Ringing in her ears.  She had tried a non-specific chiropractor with no results.  She is much improved to the point of being almost symptom free as of this writing (July 2011).  

 - A 10ear old boy was first seen in April of 2011 with a primary concern of ADHD.  While his parents were opposed to him being on medication, they felt that they had no choice since he was unable to concentrate in school and with sports.  OK people, the drugs that these kids are put on are outrageously dangerous and damaging.  They permanently affect the brain. They create lifetime patients for the pharmaceutical industry.  Ritalin is in the same drug classification as Cocaine.  A dependence is created if you do not stop the cycle.  There are alternatives.  Proper nutrition, Chiropractic, Sports, Exercise and Counseling are all important.  In this young mans case, specific chiropractic was enough to change his life.  He has been drug free since early June, 2011 and continues to express and see life as it is supposed to be.  The Power is Definitely On!!  

E.D.  51 year old man, who was a long time patient, returned in the spring of 2011 with a primary complaint of Erectile Dysfunction.  Understanding that the Nervous System controls EVERYTHING, he naturally trusted Chiropractic to help with his health issues. This individual has also had success with Severe Migraine Headaches and the usual variety of Neck and Low Back Pain.  Problem solved with just a few specific spinal adjustments.  

 73 year old man, who was patient many years ago, returned in the late spring of 2011 with a primary complaint of Back Pain and Sciatica (Shooting Leg Pain).  He is now enjoying Golf and travel with his wife.  

Dry Mouth (Sjogren's Syndrome)
 A 74 year old woman, who has been a patient on and off for many years (and the wife of the previously mentioned patient) has been seen for the past 6 months or so for symptoms related to Sjogren's Syndrome.  This is an AUTO-IMMUNE condition in which the body's immune system turns against itself.  Similar to other conditions like MS, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Lupus.  She is not symptom free by any means, but has continuously improved with specific upper cervical adjustments and cranial adjustments every month that I see her.  Again, the nervous system controls and coordinates ALL functions in the body -- including the immune system.  YOU can not express total optimal health without a healthy central nervous system.  Period.  

Sciatica and Shoulder Pain
 An 83 year old man, who was patient many years ago, returned in the late spring of 2011 with a primary complaint of Back Pain and Sciatica (Shooting Leg Pain) as well as Severe Shoulder pain and immobility.  He is now enjoying Golf and and life.  

 4 year old girl was brought in by her parents in early May, 2011 due to Frequent Vomiting Spells.  This is not the first case of this type that I have had.  Same results as before .... problem solved.  

Swallowing Difficulties
 48 year old man was first seen in October of 2010 for various back pains and so on.  One of the complaints that he mentioned to me that improved (went away) with his chiropractic care was a long standing issue he had Swallowing.  His food would get stuck as it went down.  This, again, is not the first case of this type that had responded to specific chiropractic care.  In this case, he did not even mention the problem to me.  This brings up an important point .. there are not certain adjustments for certain problems.  I restore nerve function so you whole body functions to its optimum potential.  It is as simple as that.


Severe Back and Leg Pain  31 year old man was first seen in mid-June, 2011.  He had a history of unresolved Low Back and Leg Pain that he had for over two years.  He felt amazingly better after his first adjustment and within a few visits, was pretty much symptom free.   Severe Knee Pain  72 year old woman was first seen in mid-May, 2011.  She had a very long history of unresolved Knee Pain.  She began to fell much relief after only a few visits.  Her other complaints (Low Back and Neck Pain) also improved.  

Severe Back Pain
 75 year old man was first seen in late April, 2011.  He had a 8 month history of unresolved Low Back that came on after swinging a sledge hammer.  He had seen two other chiropractors with no results at all.  Within the first week of care, he had the most relief he had since the injury.  His problem is pretty much resolved at this time (July 2011).  

TMJ - Neck and Back Pain
14 year old girl was first seen in late February, 2011 for jaw pain, neck and back pain.  She responded very well to care and is now in the Corrective phase of care as she is relatively pain free.  She has the advantage of being young and having had chiropractic care in Florida before moving here.

14 Month Migraine  - A  53 year old woman had a constant, severe Migraine Headache for 14 months.  She had tried medications, injections, pain management and therapy.  She came to our office in mid-October, 2011 as a desperate last hope on the advice of a patient of hers.  She is a dental hygienist and leans over people all day.  When she was first seen, she was in such pain that one eye was mostly closed and it was apparent she was in distress.  After her first adjustment, she had instant relief and has been mostly pain free as of this writing.  While she has had an occasional twinge, she has not had the pain or debilitation she came to the office with.  She remarked to me that note only has Specific Chiropractic care changed her life, it did so of her family as well.

Two Year Migraine  - A  34 year old woman first came to the office in late September, 2011.  She was crippled by Migraine Headaches for over two years.  She had seen her MD, nurse practitioner, a neurologist as well as other health care providers looking for relief.  She had drastic resolution after her first visit and despite some minor issues, has been relatively pain free since she started care.  Problem solved.   Cerebral Palsy - A 15 month old girl was first seen in the office in November, 2011 by the referral of her Aunt from the previous case.  She was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy and an

Underdeveloped Corpus Callosum
.  Her main signs included limited movement of her right arm and she was not walking yet.  She had been receiving PT to help her regain movement of the arm.  After her second visit, her physical therapist (who is now a patient)  broke into tears as she was able to raise her right arm and she took her first steps.  Understand that Chiropractic reestablishes the innate connection between the inborn power of the body and the transmission of this information from the brain to the spinal cord, nerves and eventually every cell in the body.  Without this connection, the body can never function to its optimum potential regardless of how well you eat, how much you exercise, meditate or sleep.  No matter how healthy you think you are, you are not fully healthy without a fully functioning central nervous system.  The power is on.  

High Blood Pressure & Lifetime Migraines
  - A 77 year old woman is a long time patient and recently commented to me on all the benefits she has received from her care.  Among feeling better and having less aches and pains, she told me that she had not had any Migraine Headaches since starting care in 2002 and that her High Blood Pressure had been under control as well.  See the Research Paper on my web site regarding Upper Cervical Specific Chiropractic and Blood Pressure.  Questions??  

Ear Infections
  - An 11 month old boy was referred to our office by another patient for Ongoing Ear Infectoins.  He was first seen in early October, 2011.  His parents had been contemplating ear tube surgery and decided to try specific chiropractic as a last resort.  Aside from resolving the subluxations using specific chiropractic adjustments and cranial care, his mom reported that he seemed happier.  Why risk anesthesia and surgery without trying non-invasive health care systems like chiropractic?  Problem solved.   

Neck Immobility
- A 41 year old man was first seen in late April, 2011 with a primary concern of Limited Neck Movement and Pain that had been going on for many years.  While his improvement was not immediate and earth shattering, he is now drastically improved after several months of care and can enjoy life and work without being in pain all the time.   

Neck Pain from MVA  - A 46 year old woman was first seen in mid-November, 2011 after sustaining a car accident in June, 2011.  She complained of Neck and Spinal Pain that had not responded to any other care.   She improved drastically following her first adjustment and is making quick gains despite the time frame from her accident date.  I expect a full recovery.    

Facial Tics
 - A 9 year old boy was first seen in Mid-October, 2011 with a primary concern of Facial Tics.  Aside from the obvious physical issues causing this problem, the social pressure it was creating among his peers was a concern as well.  He drastically responded within a few visits, and of the date of this writing, he is mostly symptom free with only an occasional blinking of the eyes rather than a near constant display of facial movements.   

Bed Wetting
 5 year old girl was first seen in mid-August by her mom with a primary complaint of Bed Wetting (Nocturnal Enuresis).  She responded excellent to her specific adjustments, but understandingly, suffered setbacks when she went too long between visits.  I suspect that when her care becomes regular, she will experience great results as many kids and teenagers that have been seen in this office for the same issue have had thru the years.    

Nighttime Urination/ Weak Legs
 91 Year old man was first seen in mid-August, 2011 on the referral of another local chiropractor.  He had the usual aches and pains, but was also plagued with Frequent Nighttime Urination and Weakness in his Legs.  He remarked that his chiropractic care has markedly decreased the frequency he needs to get up at night to use the bathroom.  Restful sleep is critical to optimal health.  As a result, he has more energy and feels overall better.  His back pain has improved and he is able to walk better and raise his legs higher.  You are never too old to enjoy the benefits of Specific Chiropractic care.  

Migraine Headache
 A 10 year old Girl was brought in by her mother in August, 2011.  She had developed severe Migraine Headaches and had no relief from the medical route.  Since her first adjustment, she has been completely symptom free as of this writing (December 2011).  The body does not need any outside help, just no interference.  The power is on!!  

 41 year old woman was first seen in April, 2011 with many symptoms that were collectively called Fibromyalgia by her medical provider.  While this condition does respond to Chiropractic care, nutritional considerations are always part of the equation.  She has drastically improved, has since married and is expecting!!   

Back / Neck Pain
Many patients have been seen this past year for neck, mid and / or low back pain.  Most all have enjoyed remarkable improvements and are able to enjoy life, work and play without having to constantly be preoccupied with pain, immobility and the risk of further damage to their spines and nervous systems.

Cold Hands  - A  23 year old man first came to the office in late December, 2011 with a long standing problem of Cold Hands especially with weather changes.  His condition at its worst resulted in a color change of his fingers to white.  Within a few weeks of specific adjustments, his symptoms began to improve and he continues to have less issues.

Parkinson's  - A  72 year old woman returned to the office in late October, 2011.  Her main complaint was a hand tremor caused by Parkinson's Disease.  After three months of care with intermittent relief, we took new x-rays and discovered a new subluxation different from what she had when previously seen. She had instant relief of her neck pain with one adjustment and the hand tremor decreased significantly.  Yes, x-rays do make all the difference.  Why most chiropractors think they can twist and crack someone's spine without rhyme or reason is beyond my comprehension from a clinical as well as a safety point of view.

Leg / Foot Numbness - A 50 year old man has been a long time patient in our practice.  He has had a long standing condition with many symptoms, but predominately Leg and Foot Numbness.  I have mentioned his case in the past, but I wanted to mention it again since he continues to improve with care.  He is being seen once every two weeks.  I want to make the point that given the proper set of circumstances, the body can heal over time.  Yes TIME.  We are programmed to be healthy, not sick.  We need to have no interference to our nervous system so the innate intelligence we are all born with can express itself to our physical body to its optimal potential.  This allows us to express optimal health.  While we all may have our limitations (old injuries, scar tissue, arthritis, genetic conditions, Etc.), the idea here is to be as healthy as you can be.  As long as you are alive, your body can and will always attempt to heal and be healthy.  

Back Pain  - Many patients return to the office with the same old Low Back Pain.  We are seeing more of these patients due to the new NYS Workers' Compensation Guidelines that now only allow injured patients to be seen on a crisis basis.  This is not what I was trained to do nor have I ever educated someone to wait until they are in excruciating pain, but this is what I now have to deal with.  Don't brush your teeth and only see your dentist when your teeth are rotten and pus is oozing out.  Sorry for the graphic, but a long standing subluxation that is allowed to go until you have severe symptoms is not a pretty picture on the inside of your body either.  Joint decay, disc deterioration, inflammation and so on are all going on without you knowing it until one day - Ka-Bam!!  Get it??  

Foot Drop
  - An 58 year old woman was an old time patient and suffered a slip and fall in a grocery store.  She was in significant pain and was seen for a while after the injury with no results.  I recommended new x-rays and she refused for personal reasons.  I discharged her from care at this point.  She called months later no better and had developed a condition known as Foot Drop.  This is a situation where one foot (it can affect both) can not be flexed up when walking.  It results in the foot "dropping" down and slapping the floor when trying to walk.  We took new x-rays and began specific adjustments based on this new information.  Within a week or so, her pains began to let up and within a few weeks, the strength of the muscles that control her foot began to return.  She is near 100% at this time.  Again, this emphasizes the importance of knowing what we are doing.  

- You are a miracle.  There are thousands of processes going on inside your body as you read this without even having to think about them.  Every adjustment you receive brings you closer to near perfection in connecting your innate intelligence (your inborn knowledge) with your physical body.  Each adjustment improves your immune function, circulation, mobility and more.  Keep the power turned on!!  

Low Back / Leg Pain
  - A 37 year old male was first seen the last week of January, 2012.  He had several complaints from over a year ago that included Low Back and Leg Pain and the sensation that one of his Testicles was Hanging "Too Loose".   Within a few adjustments he was feeling better and after just two weeks, the sensation he explained about his testicle began to improve.  After just one month of care, he is near 100% and I expect a full recovery.  What does the nervous system control???  EVERYTHING!!  

Severe Neck Pain / Headaches
 - A 42 year old woman was first seen in late January, 2012 with a primary concern of Severe Neck Pain and Headaches.  She was referred from a co-worker that was mentioned in my last newsletter that also had severe Migraine Headaches.  After only a few visits, she began to get some relief and I expect her to do well with her care. 

Ear Infections  - A  11 month old male was brought to the office in April, 2012 for chronic ear infections and sinusitis.  As was the case with the overwhelming majority of the other patients we have seen with these issues, he cleared up within a few weeks and has not had an issue since.  Understand that we do not treat ear infections and sinusitis.  We correct the bio-mechanical and neurological problems which allow the body to function as it is supposed to. 

Neuropathy  - An  63 year old woman first came to the office in March of 2012 with a primary complaint of neuropathy in her feet and hands as a result of chemotherapy.  After several weeks of corrective care, the feeling in her hands began to return and the stiffness in her ankles and feet began to let up.  While she is still having issues, she can walk better than she was able to and feels much better.  Even with the damage from the chemotherapy, her body is able to heal given the right information.  

Hip and Low Back Pain
  - A 24 year old woman was first seen at the end of June, 2012 for a long standing hip pain that also affected her low back. After only a few adjustments, she reported being pain free after struggling with this issue for quite a long time and getting no relief with other forms of medical therapy.  The body does not need outside-in therapy, just inside-out healing and a health nervous system.  

Severe Neck Pain / Migraines - A  23 year old woman was first seen in late April, 2012 with a chronic history of Migraine Headaches.  She found amazing relief with specific chiropractic care and cranial corrections.  No need to suffer, remove the cause of the problem and all is good.  

Severe Headaches / Neck Pain
 - A  42 year old woman was first seen in mid April, 2012 with a history of Severe Headaches and Neck Pain.  See case above for the outcome. While she is still experiencing flare-ups, her quality of life has drastically increased and she has more good than bad days which is in contrast to how she was living before the care.  

Hip and Low Back Pain
 - A  31 year old woman was first seen in late January, 2012 with a history of Hip and Low Back Pain.  She responded excellent to care and as of this writing (July 2012), she is pain from almost all the time and is only being seen once a month.

Ear Infections  - A  9 month old male was brought to the office in late July, 2012 because his parents were concerned with the frequency of acute ear infections he was having.  They were contemplating surgery.   As was the case with the overwhelming majority of the other patients we have seen with these issues, he completely cleared up within a few adjustments and has not had an issue since.  Understand that we do not treat ear infections.  We correct the bio-mechanical and neurological problems which allow the body to function as it is supposed to. 

Ear Infections  - A  4 month old male was brought to the office in late June, 2012 by his mom because he was having acute ear infections.  See above case for the results.  

Chest and Abdominal Pain
  - A  50 year old man (a long time patient) came to the office on an emergency basis in July, 2012 complaining of severe chest and abdominal pain and spasms at night.  These caused him to jump out of bed and move around until they let up.  He had an appointment scheduled with his MD in a few days (for pain killers and muscle relaxants), but wanted to give chiropractic a try first.  Our office received a call from him the day after his adjustment and he stated he was 95% better.  By the next day he was 100% and canceled his appointment with his MD.  The body does not need outside-in therapy, just inside-out healing and a health nervous system.  

Vision Improvement
  - A 46 year old woman (another long time patient) came to the office in August, 2012 and told me that after her last adjustment, she noticed an improvement of her vision especially noticeable when she goes shooting.  I mentioned to her that this did not surprise me as I hear this quite often.  As a note, if you are going for an eye exam, it is always advisable to get adjusted and cleared of nerve interference BEFORE getting your prescription.  This way, you are seeing at you optimal level for your examination and get the proper analysis.     

Bladder Function
 - An  82 year old man (a long time patient as well) told me of some issues he was having getting up frequently at night to use the bathroom.  I adjusted L2 which is known to be one of the main nerve supplies to the bladder and urinary system.  On his next visit, he told me that he instantly had Decreased Nighttime Frequency and Increased Urine Flow.  Had he never mentioned this to me (and focused on his back and neck pain), I may not have adjusted him the way I had.  It is also interesting to note that on his X-Rays, his lower back curve is reversed (rainbow to the back) and the arthritis is so bad, that his vertebrae appear to be fused together.  Most chiropractors would never touch a spine like this.  I used the computerized adjusting instrument on him and was able to safely and painlessly reduce his subluxation.  No need to suffer, remove the cause of the problem and all is good.  

Broken Bones
 -  As a side note, I frequently get asked why do we see kids and why do they need x-rays.  I had two 4 year old boys within a week get x-rays and both, coincidently, had fractures at L5 (the last bone in the spine).  While this may seem scary, it is actually quite common.  It is a condition known as spondylolisthesis.  We usually discover this condition in the early teens.  It is especially prevalent with certain sports including Football, Rugby, Wrestling, Diving, Gymnastics and Dance.  It is also seen frequently seen in kids that grow up on farms or those that are exposed to heavy work when young.  There are two small areas of the bone (the pars interarticularis) that are prone to injury.  At a young age, this area of the vertebrae is still cartilage.  Since it is so soft, it can break easily with repetitive stress or movement.  Complications arise when the bone slips forward.  Since the pieces of bone separate, they cannot mend together and the body will innately fill in the space with fibrous tissue (scar tissue).  Most people go thru life never knowing they have this problem as they are usually painless.  They require no treatment (unless the bone slips significantly), but I do need to know you have one in order to provide you with certain adjustments and avoid others.  Why do I x-ray??, for many reasons, but mostly so you get the safest care and the best results, in the least amount of time for the lowest cost.

Focus, Sensory and Coordination  - A  7 year old male was first seen in late July, 2012 for problems with focus, sensory and coordination issues.  He was seen over the summer on a regular basis, and by late summer, his mom reported that all areas of concern had improved with specific adjustments.  The brain is an organ and just like any part of the body, needs a proper nerve supply to function the way it was intended.  Yes, subluxations can affect the function of the brain and therefore, affect the entire body.  Remember, we are programmed to be healthy, not sick.  We just need no interference.

Dizziness & Throat Problems  - A  68 year old woman who has been a long time patient came in with complaints of dizziness and difficulty with her throat.  After just two visits, all her symptoms had cleared.  What did this save Medicare in unnecessary Medical expenses including tests, scans and worthless office visits.  We are the solution to the health care crisis, not part of the problem.   

Seashell Rushing Sound  - A 70 year old woman  had a complaint of a "Seashell Rushing Sound " in her ears.  There are various levels and types of Tinnitus that can range from a ringing sound to a hum to a swooshing.  Regardless, many of these patients find relief with Specific Chiropractic Care.  In cases of nerve damage, there is usually not much that can be done, but most of my patients through the years have found long sought after relief safely with precise and non-invasive adjustments. 

Cough - An  3 year old girl was first seen in late May, 2012.  Her mother had brought her in for general wellness care, but stated that she had a long standing issue with a Nighttime Cough that kept her from sleeping.  She slowly showed improvements and after about two months of care, mom told me that the cough had stopped.  As a result, she is sleeping better which is vitally important since a good nights rest is one of the 6 pillars of optimal health.  So aside from the symptom of the subluxation being corrected, her overall health will be positively impacted indirectly since she is sleeping better.   

Indigestion/ Neck Pain - A 55 year old man, who had been a long time patient, had a complaint of Indigestion along with his chronic Neck Pain.  He actually lives out of state now, but stops in the office when he comes to town.  We checked the primary areas where nerve interference could cause digestive issues and adjusted him as needed....once.  The next visit he was pleased to report that aside from his neck feeling better, his indigestion had cleared up.  No Nerve Interference = Optimal Health.  The POWER IS ON.

Vertigo - A 56 year old woman, another long time patient, had come to the office for her wellness visit and told me she was having an issue with Vertigo.  Cranial and Upper Cervical (neck) adjustments corrected her issues in no time.  Many things can cause dizziness and vertigo (they are not the same thing).  Some causes can include tumors, infections and so on.  So this symptom should not be taken lightly.  Fortunately, the great majority of these problems come from nerve interference and can be corrected quickly and safely.  One other cause of dizziness happens when dead cells start to float in the semi-circular canals of the ears - the balance mechanism.  Remember spinning around as a child and getting dizzy?  As we age, old cells can get stuck in the fluid in these canals triggering the same effect as if we spun around.  This can usually be corrected by doing a simply procedure called the Epley's Maneuver.  You can look this up on line to see how it is done or set up a time with me to show you how to do it if you suffer from this form of dizziness.     

Ear Infections, Reflux, Constipation, Fussiness  - A  10 month old male was first seen in early December, 2012 for problems with Reoccurring ear infections, Reflux, Constipation and being a fussy little bugger.  He received a few adjustments and all symptoms disappeared.  This is known by the medical community as a “coincidence”.  We call it reconnecting the innate intelligence of the body with physical well being of the total person – AKA a specific, chiropractic adjustment.   Any questions??

Numbness in the Hands/Arms and Feet/Legs  - A 18 year old woman started care in mid-December, 2012.  She had a history of scoliosis (that was being “watched” by her orthopedist) and a recent onset of upper and lower extremity numbness and tingling.  A few weeks of care resolved her symptoms. We are now focusing on optimally reducing her scoliosis and improving her overall health.  It is a shame and a crime that these kid’s parents are not given the information on chiropractic care when the diagnosis of scoliosis is made.  They are “watched” with no proactive care until they get so bad, they are braced and then scheduled for back surgery that does not work … why? – because they are not correcting the cause of the problem.  Who do you know with a child suffering from this deforming condition?  Tell them about chiropractic – you may just save a life.   

Athlete with Back Pain  - A 17 year old man  had a complaint of a Low Back Pain and was first seen in late November.  He is a local high school athlete and was in the mist of his wrestling season.  Wrestling is a very physical (and mental) sport requiring full use of the entire body.  These boys push the limit on strength, flexibility, stamina and endurance.  We were able to keep him from missing any matches and he is currently pain free after a few weeks of care.  Why sit out when you can participate – keep your spine and nervous system healthy with chiropractic adjustments! 

Cough/Cold/Flu – We have seen many of our patients over the past 6 weeks come in with compromised immune systems.  Did you know that getting adjusted boosts your white blood cell count 200 to 400%?  It just makes sense to stay adjusted all winter, but even more so if you are feeling something starting in your system.  The flu shot is dangerous and does not work.  DO NOT believe the line that even though they had the wrong virus strain in the shot that it is still good to get it.  Another line is that if you get the shot and get the flu anyway, it won’t be as bad.  STOP DRINGING THE KOOL AID!  See my last newsletter and web site for more info on the flu and the flu shot.

Calcaneal Heel Spurs  - A 55 old woman was first seen in late January, 2013 for problems she was having with severe heel pain and spurs.  She had tried many different modalities and doctors and was at wits end.  She decided to try chiropractic.  The spurs she has are at the point where the Achilles tendon attaches to the calcaneous or heel bone (the back of the upper heel).  Most heel spurs I see are on the bottom of the foot and are very successfully treated with adjustments and shoe orthotics.  We began with a series of spinal, ankle and foot adjustments to correct the bio-mechanics of these structures.  Within a few weeks, one foot was completely pain free.  Within a few more weeks, the other foot was as well.  She can now walk and stand without limping and being in pain all the time.  Her quality of life is drastically improved and she is not poisoning her body with dangerous pain relievers and anti-inflammatories. She is looking forward to winning her club’s golf tournament this summer!

Mis-Shapped Head / Head Tilt  - An 11 month old baby started care in mid-March, 2013.  Her parents were concerned with the shape of her head (Plagiocephaly) and her head tilt.  She has had it since birth and a course of PT failed to help.  They were also concerned about her language development.  Her left eye looked larger than her right and her left ear was much farther forward than the right.  Just ONE cranial and spinal adjustment made an almost 90% visible correction.  On her second visit, she was near perfect as far as her cranial alignment and head tilt.  Had this been left alone, she would have most likely developed a scoliosis (spinal curvature) and could have potentially had learning issues or other neurological problems due to the pressure on the brain.  GET YOUR KIDS CHECKED AS SOON AFTER BIRTH AS POSSIBLE!!  Chiropractic should always be your first choice, not your last hope.

  - A 2 year old toddler  was brought to the office by her mother for  Neck Pain, Speech Delay and Incoordination in early March, 2013.  After her second visit, her mother noted that aside from not complaining of neck pain, she was able to run better (“without stumbling”).  This was a nice side affect of her getting adjusted for what was the run of the mill “neck pain”.  The speech issue will more than likely gradually improve.  

Tingling in an Arm  - A  54 year old man  had a complaint of a Tingling in one of his arms and was first seen in mid-January, 2013.  He had seen another “chiropractor” who did not take x-rays and did not do any specific spinal adjustments.  He received electric stimulation and heat packs … boy, I bet that felt just great!!  How do you unpinch a pinched nerve??  With specific spinal adjustments!!  And yes, of course, he got better after wasting his time and money on what ever that other garbage was (I know it wasn’t Chiropractic).  

Back Pain in Young Athletes  - Two different 17 year old teenage males  had complaints of  Low Back Pain.  Our first case is a young man who had lower back pain and we first saw him at the end of February, 2013.  He is a martial artist.  His spinal images showed scoliosis and some spinal abnormalities.  After a few weeks of care, he too was doing much better for the first time in a long time.  In late March, he tested for his black belt and successfully achieved this prestigious rank.  Congrats!!  

Our next case is an avid skier who competes throughout the winter.  His pain started after a crash.  He had medical x-rays (lying down) and was told it was just a pulled muscle.  Weight bearing x-rays in our office revealed a severely tilted pelvis and he was carrying significant more weight on his right leg.  When I showed him his x-rays, he stated that he had a hard time making left hand turns while skiing.  This would make sense since his weight was shifted to one side.  After a few weeks of care, he is doing much better and is relearning to ski with his weight more evenly distributed.

Decreased Neck Movement  - A  51 year old woman  had a complaint of Neck and Upper Back Pain and lack of movement and was first seen in mid-March, 2013.  She was another chiropractic failure.  She had been seen weekly for well over 2 years with no relief.  The long and short of it is that after a few adjustments, she noticed better movement and less pain than she has had experienced in years.  “Chiropractic is Specific, or it is Nothing”  Dr. B.J. Palmer. 

Leg Pain/Tightness & Low Back Pain  - A  37 year old man  had a complaint of chronic Leg Pain/Tightness and Low Back Pain and was first seen in early February, 2013.  This is a typical sciatica situation.  His had gone on for a very long time.  As such, there was no miraculous one visit cure, but he is seeing weekly changes for the better and is getting much overdo relief.  Being in the computing industry, he sits quite a bit and this is never a good situation for the spine and nervous system.  I am confident that he will be pain free in short order.

Dizziness / Ringing in the Ears - A  54 year old man  had a complaint of Dizziness and Ringing in the Ears.  He was diagnosed with Meniere’s disease.  He is an avid Scuba Diver and this is not at all a good condition to have while under water.  After a few specific brain stem upper cervical adjustments, he drastically improved and as of this writing (March, 2013), he was practically symptom free.  I guess the correct diagnosis should have been an Atlas (C1) subluxation complicated by cranial subluxations.  

Headaches / Migrianes / Facial / Eye Pain  - A 50 old woman was first seen in early April, 2013 for a multitude of health problems she has had for years including severe headaches / Migraines and facial / eye pain.  She was referred by a colleague friend of mine from the Albany area who she had grown up with in the valley.  She had tried many different modalities and doctors and was a bit reluctant to try chiropractic.  Everything she had tried previously was of no help.  She lived her life on heavy doses of pain killers.  Within a few weeks, she was drastically better.  As of this writing, she has been virtually pain free for the first time in many, many years.  She has no insurance to cover her chiropractic care, but noted to me that the cost of one office visit (she is already down to one visit a week) is as much as ONE Relpax Migraine pill which she relied on daily. Aside from correcting the cause of her health issue, what has specific chiropractic done to save her Kidneys? Liver? Brain? Life?  I often ask patients, “what is your health worth?”. To her, the care is priceless and she is looking forward to catching up on what she has lost over the past 35 years!  

Neck Pain / Headache – A 36 year old woman started care at the end of April, 2013.  She had been seeing an Osteopath for a long time for Neck Pain / Headaches and Upper Back pain.  She began care and immediately reported an improvement in her level of pain and her ability to move.  Her outlook is drastically improved with help for her situation at hand (pun intended).  The body is programmed to be healthy, not sick.  Chiropractic does not stimulate or inhibit anything (as drugs do).  We remove the cause of the interference to health and allow the body to do what it is supposed to do; adapt and be well.  

Neck Pain, Back Pain  - A 67 year old man came to the office in mid April, 2013.  He had numerous issues including Neck Pain and Back Pain.   What made me want to write about this case was the fact that he had two segments in his neck surgically fused together with plates and screws.  Many feel that once they have neck or back surgery that they can not get adjusted.  Nothing is further from the truth.  I can safely adjust above and below the surgery and still help the patient – as we did with this individual.  This is one of the many great aspects of specific chiropractic care.  Since we are only addressing one segment in a precise manner with each adjustment, we can safely avoid causing issues with areas of the spine that have had surgery, have severe arthritis or degeneration or even cancer.   

Oxygen Deprivation  - A Newborn Baby Boy was seen in the hospital NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) after being born with severe Meconium Aspiration.  Meconium is the bowl movement the baby has in the womb and is a thick, tarry like substance.  When it is “inhaled” by the baby, it coats the lungs and creates great breathing difficulty and even death.  He had numerous issues including Difficulty Breathing / Low Oxygen Levels and his skin was almost black in color.  The hospital (Albany Med) was very cooperative in allowing me to adjust this newborn.  It was amazing to watch the oxygen meter increase, indicating a higher blood oxygen level, every time his Atlas (the top bone of the spine) was adjusted.  After 2 weeks he was removed from life support and after 3 weeks he was nursing on his own and went home.  This shows that yes, at time of crisis, we need emergency medical care to save a life.  It also shows the power of the chiropractic adjustment and how it can affect the vital functions of the body to preserve a life and speed up recovery.

Plagiocephaly & Nursing Difficulties  - A 2 month old infant girl was first seen in early June, 2013 for a condition known as Plagiocephaly and she also had difficulty nursing.  She was born with a mis-shaped head (Plagiocephaly).  Medical “experts” use a helmet looking device to reshape the appearance of the skull strictly for better looks.  Where they are missing the mark is what happens to the inside of the skull, and hence the brain, when there is a distortion of the skull bones (did you know there are 22 bones that make up the human skull?).  So just like taking a drug for a headache, they are addressing the symptom instead of the cause of the problem.  What actually happens is the covering of the brain (the dura or meninges (you’ve heard of meningitis)), becomes twisted which in turn causes the bones to be pulled in the wrong direction.  This puts pressure on the brain as well as disrupts the all important flow of the cerebral spinal fluid.  Specific cranial adjustments (in addition to specific upper cervical and pelvic adjustments) correct the dural tension thus allowing the bones to shift back into position thereby undoing the underlying damage caused by this cascade of events.  Needless to say, there were observable drastic changes after her first visit and within a few visits; one could barely tell there was an issue.  As of this writing, she is near 100 % corrected, nursing normally and on a wellness schedule of care.  There is not a pill, potion, lotion or surgical procedure that can do what cranial or upper cervical specific chiropractic care can do not to mention the safety and cost effectiveness of our care.

Low Back Pain – A 19 year old man started care at the end of July, 2013 for a chronic complaint of Lower Back pain as a result of playing baseball.  He was seen for a month before going back to college and I am happy to report he was symptom free before going back to school.  Fix the problem – don’t treat the symptom.  Many athletes are using Chiropractic care not only for injuries they sustain, but to prevent problems and to improve performance.  

Dizzy Spells – An 80 year old woman started care at the end of July, 2013 for a chronic complaint of Dizzy Spells that resulted from being “dipped” while dancing in 1996.  She has put up with them ever since with no success medically treating them.  While she has only been under care for a month at this point, she is seeing great changes in the frequency, duration and intensity of the spells.  She is getting up in the morning and able to get out of bed without a spell and is able to do more daily activities without as much distress.  Specific Upper Cervical Brain Stem Adjustments and Cranial Care seem to be the best combination of techniques that is giving her the best results in the quickest time.  Visit my web site for more information on these methods.  Click on the button labeled “Services”.

Popping Hip Joints  - An 8 year old girl was first seen in late August, 2013 for a general wellness care, but also had a complaint of “popping hips”.  She was seen a few weeks and received specific, corrective adjustments and she no longer has her symptom.

Headaches – A 12 year old girl started care in Mid-October, 2013 for unexplained headaches.   She was examined and x-rayed and it was revealed that not only did she have a subluxation complex in her upper neck, but she also had a reversed neck curve (see the last newsletter).  She is a soccer player and heads the ball which is more than likely the cause of her issues.  An interesting side note is that as I was doing my exam on her, her identical twin sister stated that “she is the lucky one and is never sick, but (name withheld) is always sick.  >span class="style2">   Health is based on the function of the body.  We are not slaves to our genetics.  For more information on genetics and health, Google “Bruce Lipton” and his work on epigenetics and how our genes can be turned on and off depending on our lifestyle.  PS.  Her headaches cleared up in no time.

Back / Neck Pain – A 36 year old woman started care in early September, 2013 for many chronic complaints including Low and Mid Back Pain, Neck Pain and Headaches. She had been to other chiropractors and had always felt worse; especially after being “adjusted”.  I am happy she did not give up on chiropractic and I have always said myself.. “I would rather someone try a different DC if I could not help them then going down the route of meds and surgery.  >span class="style2">  Yes, she is feeling much better than she has in years with Specific, Corrective adjustments.

Headaches – A 63 year old woman started care in Mid-August, 2013 for a lifetime of headaches and neck pain.   She began care and almost immediately began seeing results.  As of this writing, she is symptom free most of the time, with occasional flare-up.  It is ironic that she was told to “live with it” and something so simple and safe as chiropractic care provided the answer to a lifetime of pain and suffering.

Headaches & Enuresis – A 9 year old girl re-started care in Mid-October, 2013 for a return of her symptoms including Headaches and Nocturnal Enuresis (Bed Wetting).   She was seen just a few times and her symptoms drastically improved. 

Severe Torticollis, Plagiocephaly and Constipation  - A 5 month old girl was first seen in early December, 2013 for severe torticollis (wry neck), plagiocephaly (mis-shaped head) and constipation. She was born with her headed tilted to one side most likely the result of birth trauma. It can also be caused from the baby being constrained in the uterus for an extended time. We see this commonly in multiple pregnancies (twins, triplets, etc.), but it can occur in single births as well, especially if the mother has pelvic misalignments. This is another reason to have regular chiropractic care during pregnancy. The pulling of the traumatized muscles not only tilts the head to one side, but it also pulls on the skull bones resulting in the bones becoming mis-shaped and out of alignment. This affects the pressures on the brain and interrupts the flow of the cerebral spinal fluid around the brain and spinal cord. This will cause long term health and developmental problems if not corrected. Medical helmets may help the appearance by forcing the reshaping of the bones, but they do not address what happens on the inside of the skull. This was the most extreme case I have seen in my 28 years in practice. I am happy to report she has gone through miraculous changes in the 5 weeks of care (spinal and cranial adjustments) and I expect her to make even more changes in the coming months. The constipation cleared up after the first visit as well.

Chronic Back Pain and Headaches – A 15 year old girl started care in early November, 2013 for chronic back pain, headaches, knee, hip and shoulder pain. She is an intense dancer practicing and performing at least 5 days a week. The pain was interfering with her ability to be her optimal best. She was examined and x-rayed and multiple spinal subluxations were detected. An intense care plan was initiated and as of this writing, she is experiencing a drastic decrease in all of her symptoms. Fix the problem, don’t treat the symptom!!

Back / Neck Pain / Headaches – A 70 year old woman started care in early December, 2013 for many chronic complaints including Low Back and Neck Pain and Headaches. She had no relief with other methods of care and medication. After a month of care, she is markedly improved with her symptoms and her quality of life.

Low Back and Sciatica – Herniated Disc – A 39 year old man started care in late September, 2013 for moderate to severe lower back and leg pain (sciatica). Care began care and was minimally successful at first. A MRI was ordered and a herniated disc, as suspected, was the culprit of the problem. Adjustments and Pelvic Blocking (SOT Technique) with traction was performed over the course of the last few months. He is now asymptomatic (pain free) and back to work. Having a herniated disc is not an automatic surgical sentence. They do, however, take much more time to correct and reduce than a simple pinched nerve from a vertebral subluxation.

Severe Low Back Pain  - An 18 year old male was first seen in late January, 2014 for severe Lower Back Pain. It interfered with his sports and quality of life. He had seen a local pediatric orthopedist that had nothing to offer him. After his first specific adjustment, he was markedly improved. Within a few weeks, he was completely pain free. He finished out his volleyball season and is looking forward to a successful baseball season this spring. He will be entering the US Army this coming August without any limitations.

Dizzy Spells and Headaches – A 24 year old woman started care in late February, 2014 for chronic dizzy spells / light headedness, headaches and other health problems. She was in a terrible car accident at the age of 15 and has been sick and in pain since. Many doctors with many opinions and many drugs did nothing for her. While she has only been seen for a few weeks at this point, she is notably improved and is looking forward to a productive and healthy life. The body does not need any outside-in interventions to find health, just no nerve interference (subluxations) to the inside-out INNATE (in born) potential we all have to be well.

Fussy / Constipated / Colic – A 2 month old male Amish infant started care in early February, 2014 for Colic related symptoms. He was only seen twice against my recommendations, but had become completely symptom free. His parents were satisfied with the apparent results and did not return. A month later, we received a call that he was back to where he was and needed to return. One adjustment and he was symptomatically improved. They now understand that he needs to receive optimal correction of his nervous system to prevent a return of his symptoms. While it is true that infants normally require only a few adjustments to improve, making the mistake at any age that the lack of symptoms equals optimal spinal correction is a common error. Symptoms are usually the last sign of trouble (a heart attack for example) and will usually disappear once we begin the process of correction.

Light Headed / Dizzy / Back and Hip Pain – An 19 year old woman started care in early December, 2013 for chronic light headedness and Dizzy spells, low back pain, hip pain, mid back pain and sinus problems. She had seen another Chiropractor for 5 years with no results. Care began and was wrought with mixed results for the dizziness, but her other complaints improved greatly. After her first upper cervical specific adjustment, her light headed symptoms drastically improved. Unfortunately, she sustained a head injury and her symptoms returned. After a few more visits, she began to improve again. While she still has a long road ahead of her, the positive changes in her health are evidence of her body’s ability to heal and be well. I am very optimistic that she will continue to gain substantial benefits from specific chiropractic care.

24/7 Non-Stop Headaches – A 55 year old woman started care in early March, 2014 for Non-Stop 24/7 Headaches. She had been suffering for many (over 5) years. After just a few visits, she began to see drastic changes. Within 2 weeks, she was symptom free. Is Chiropractic Care a "treatment" for Headaches and Migraines? NO!! We correct the cause of the nerve interference and allow the body to function to its optimal level of health. If that means no more headaches, than great. It is not the intent of the care, but the effect of correcting the subluxations.

Severe Low Back Pain & Sciatica  - A 77 year old male was first seen in late April, 2014 for severe Lower Back Pain and Sciatica (leg pain) that he had for quite some time. It interfered with everything in his daily life. He was under the care of a Physical Therapist and had been the medical route before coming in to the office. Within a week he was feeling much better and as of this writing, he is almost completely pain free.

Right Hip Pain – A 73 year old woman started care in early May, 2014 for chronic right hip pain after seeing the great results her husband (above) received from care. She had been in pain for a many months and medical care offered no relief. X-Rays taken in the office showed some arthritis in the hip joint. A-HA!! This must be the cause. Wrong!! After a few adjustments to correct her subluxations, her pain was gone. Was the arthritis still there?? Of course, but that was obviously not the cause of the pain. What would have the course been had she stayed under medical care? Pain killers, anti-inflammatories and all the side effects that go with them ---- and her pain would still be there. Fix the cause, don’t treat the symptom.

Migraine Headaches – A 46 year old male started care in early April, 2014 for Migraine Headaches. He had pain almost daily that was debilitating. Care started and the frequency and intensity began to diminish immediately. He has steadily shown improvement with time and is expected to have a great future without these horrible headaches. Speaking personally, the reason I became interested in the specialized technique of Specific Chiropractic was my own success from dealing with chronic and frequent Migraine headaches since I was a young boy.

Numbness in the Fingers, Neck and Low Back Pain – A 57 year old man started care in mid March, 2014 for Numbness in his fingers, Neck, Lower Back and other aches and pains. He had already had low back surgery which was helpful to him, but still had low back pain and these other complaints. Utilizing a combination of Specific Chiropractic Spinal Adjustments and Extremity Adjustments, his symptoms slowly, but steadily dissipated. He continues to make gains as of this writing and my prognosis for him is excellent for a full recovery.

Seizure Like Activity / Swallowing Issues – A 3 year old male started care in late March, 2014 for symptoms his parents described as Seizure Like Activity and Swallowing Issues. He had episodes where he would gaze or stare at something and display a breathing and swallowing issue. Upon examination and x-rays, a minor scoliosis was discovered as well as multiple subluxations. Care began on a very conservative schedule (kids normally do not need many adjustments and do not need an intense frequency as adults do) and he has shown great improvement over the short time we have seen him. He is only being seen every other week now and the prognosis is great. As a Chiropractic "side effect", having started care at such an early age will help prevent the scoliosis from progressing as he ages.

Facial Tics  - A 12 year old male was first seen in the summer of 2014 for Facial Tics. He had been a patient previously and was seen for the same issue in the past and responded well. He had not been seen for some time and his facial and head movements returned. He was adjusted several times over the course of several weeks and his symptoms drastically reduced. He has not seen for some time again, so it is assumed he is doing well.

Headaches / Migraines / Sense of Smell – A 21 year old woman started care in early September, 2014 for Severe, Re-occurring Headaches and Migraines. The sense of smell began to return (which had disappeared after the accident). In only a few short weeks, she was feeling better than she has in years. As of her last visit, her headaches were gone and her sense of smell completely returned. She will be moving to North Carolina and I have provided her with a referral to another doctor that can continue her spinal correction.

Panic Attacks / Headaches / Heart Palpitations – A 29 year old woman Panic Attacks, Headaches and Heart Palpitations.

Carpal Tunnel / Sinusitis / Neck and Back Pain – A 55 year old woman had been a long time patient and recently reported to me that she was having Carpal Tunnel Symptom (numbness and pain in the hands and fingers).

Ear Infections / Plagiocephaly / Torticollis – A 13 month old male Ear Infections, Severe Plagiocephaly (malformed skull) and Torticollis (head tilted to one side). His mother and father’s main concern were the ongoing ear infections. We scheduled this infant on an emergency basis on the very day he was to have tubes surgically implanted in his ear drums. The parents opted to cancel the surgery and try chiropractic care at the recommendations of the father’s chiropractor (who does not treat children, but thankfully referred him to me). My main concern when I initially evaluated him was the severe distortion of his cranium (skull). I knew the ear infections were a secondary effect of this main issue.

He had previously been under the care of a medical provider who fitted him for a skull helmet that was supposed to reshape his head. On the contrary, it made him much worse and complicated this case. Every aspect of his skull alignment was affected. This was most likely the worst case of Plagiocephaly I have seen in my 30 years of caring for patients. If the baby is constrained (not positioned correctly) in the uterus, it can cause the head to be pushed to one side. The muscles on that side will contract (become shorter), so when the baby is born, the head is pulled to that side. Over time, the skull bones are pulled as well. The bones of the skull can also be misaligned by the pressure in the uterus. What is not evident is what is going on inside the skull. The brain has pressure put on it from the bones and muscles pulling incorrectly and more importantly, the Dura (aka meninges – the covering of the brain and spinal cord) becomes twisted and wrinkled. I liken this to a piece of plastic food wrap that becomes wrinkled. This effects the flow of the fluid around the brain and cord (CSF) which baths and feeds these neurological structures. The helmets DO NOT take this into consideration. Even if they make the outside look better (which it did not in this case), the inside remains twisted.

Cranial and spinal adjustments were started immediately, and within a few weeks, drastic changes could be seen. As of this writing, the front of his skull was near perfect and all that remains is some touch up work for the back of his head and the left side of his skull. Of course, he has not had another ear infection since care was started. Another life saved!!

Concussion / Headache / Brain Fog / Neck Pain – A 14 year old girl started care the last week of October, 2014 for a Concussion she sustained in March after being thrown from a horse. She complained of a Constant Headache, Brain Fog and Neck Pain. She has been unable to attend school since and has not been able to receive any help with her issues including treatment with her regular chiropractor. After one cranial and upper cervical (neck) adjustment, her headache was resolved. Even though I have only seen her one other time as of this writing, I anticipate that she will respond excellently to care and soon be back at school (which I assume she is thrilled with).

Concussion / Headache / Brain Fog / Neck Pain / Lower Back Pain – A 21 year male Concussion he sustained four weeks prior after playing hockey. I saw him on an emergency basis at the urging of his hockey coach. He complained of a Constant Headache, Brain Fog, Neck Pain and Low Back pain.

Passing Out  - A 5 year old girl had been a long time patient and received amazing results for scoliosis (curved spine and twisted pelvis). She was under wellness care and her mother mentioned to me that every time she loses a tooth, she would pass out. She asked if there was anything I could do. I immediately thought of the Vagus nerve. I performed a cranial release of the involved Vagus nerve and sent them on their way. About a week later, her mom called and told my staff that her daughter lost another tooth and for the first time, did not pass out! You never know if you do not ask.

Severe Scoliosis – A 6 year old girl started care in mid-December, 2014 for a Severe Spinal Scoliosis involving her entire spine. She was under the care of a pediatric orthopedist who was "watching" her and stated that if it did not improve by the spring, she would have to wear a brace and most likely would eventually have steel rods put in her back. Specific x-rays were taken in the office in order to properly evaluate her spine for subluxations. Of most importance, was the cervical (neck) spine because the upper cervical area (Atlas and Axis) sets the stage for the alignment of the rest of the spine and coordinates the balance of the supporting spinal muscles. She had a reversed neck curve (when looking from the side it should curve forward – see the article on my web site on the cervical curve > Services > Pierce Technique) that added to the formula. Specific adjustments were started twice a week for 6 weeks with home exercises as well. She was x-rayed this past week and not only was her neck curve completely restored to normal, her mid back scoliosis was reduced by about 20% and her lower back scoliosis was 50% improved. I would love to be in the room when the mom of this child shows the orthopedist the before and after images!

Ear Infections / Compromised Immune Function – A 3 year old boy Reoccurring Ear Infections and a Compromised Immune System. He has a genetic condition that weakens his immune system and makes him prone to infections. Care began and we could immediately see changes in his color and appearance. To date, he has not had another ear infection and has not fallen prey to the many viruses going around this time of year. Did you know that EVERY time you get adjusted, your immune system is boosted anywhere from 200 – 400%? Studies done at the University of Colorado Boulder in the late eighties demonstrated this with Cancer and AIDS patients. Who doesn’t need a better functioning immune system?

Ear Infections – A 4 year old boy reoccurring ear infections. He had ear tube surgery over a year ago, yet still was having ear infections over and over again. Care began and even though it has only been a few weeks, his parents report a change in him. Normally, anytime he became congested, he would get an infection. He had a cold come and go with no incidence of severe illness or infection. While the medical profession is well intentioned, cutting holes in the ear drums and inserting plastic tubes DOES NOT fix the problem. The issue is the inability of the estuation tubes to drain fluid from the middle ear to the throat as well as a compromised immune system. Opening the estuation tubes by correcting the cranium (skull) alignment and improving the function of the immune system are two key pieces of the puzzle. Other issues involve proper nutrition. Removing dairy products, sugars (including fruit and fruit juice) and grains are all helpful.

Concussions  - There seems to be an epidemic of concussions in teenagers lately. This includes my oldest and youngest sons. The oldest from a motor vehicle accident and the youngest from a fall during gym class. Recently in the practice, I had one young lady who was injured from a fall off of a horse (I had written about previously), another fell onto her head to a gym floor from quite a height while cheerleading and a young man who was injured during a high school football game. Most had pretty much the same symptoms. Headaches, dizzy spells, inability to concentrate, neck pain and a general feeling of fatigue and feeling lousy. All responded excellently to specific upper cervical (upper neck) corrective adjustments and cranial correction. The two young ladies had seen a number of medical providers with no relief. Their progression and recovery with Chiropractic has been nothing short of a miracle.

Scoliosis – Another remarkable case of Scoliosis (see my last newsletter) presented to my office earlier in the year. A 14 year old girl started care in late January, 2015 for a Moderate Spinal Scoliosis involving her mid and lower spine. She was under the care of a pediatric orthopedist who was "watching" her. Specific x-rays were taken in the office in order to properly evaluate her spine for subluxations. Of most importance, was the cervical (neck) spine because the upper cervical area (Atlas and Axis) sets the stage for the alignment of the rest of the spine and coordinates the balance of the supporting spinal muscles. She had a reversed neck curve (when looking from the side it should curve forward) that added to the formula. Specific adjustments were started along with home exercises which she was compliant with. She was x-rayed 2 weeks ago and not only was her neck curve restored, her mid back scoliosis was reduced by more than 50% (19.5 degrees to 9 degrees) and her lower back scoliosis was negligible. The orthopedist agreed that there was a change for the better, but was not sure what else to say.

Ear Infections / Clumsiness – An 18 month old boy started care the last week of May, 2015 for Ear Infections and Clumsiness. After his first adjustment, he slept soundly and his mom stated that she could see a difference in him. He has had only 2 visits thus far, but I predict that he will have a great outcome.

Low Back Pain / Sciatica – A 52 year old man was first seen in early April, 2015 complaining of low back pain and sciatica which became unbearable when he walked. I suspect he has a herniated disc in addition to spinal subluxations. No MRI or CAT scan was performed. It took several weeks, but he began to get relief and as of this writing, he is doing much better and I suspect he will continue to improve.

Hip Pain – A 52 year old man was first seen in early April, 2015 complaining of Hip Pain along with a few other symptoms. He had seen another chiropractor who put him on his side and twisted his spine and pelvis. He did not have any good results with this approach. Specific, corrective adjustments were started and he began to improve to the point that he is now almost pain free.

Neck Pain / Headaches / Head Twitch – A 12 year old girl was first seen in mid-March, 2015 complaining of Neck Pain, Headaches and a Head Twitch. She had been putting up with this for a while. After a few weeks of specific, corrective adjustments and cranial care, she is essentially symptom free and back to being able to enjoy school and softball without having to worry about her symptoms.

Incontinence  - A 12 year old girl started under care in mid-August, 2015 for a lifetime issue of incontinence. While I have seen many cases of enuresis (bed wetting) over my last 30 years that have responded marvelously, I never had a case of 24/7 incontinence in a young patient before. Subluxations were found in both her upper neck and pelvis as well as her cranium. Care began and within 3 weeks or so she began to have some normal sensations of needing to urinate which she never had before. Since this has been a lifetime issue, I suspect that it will take much time (many months or years) for her body to respond and heal and to reestablish the necessary connections.

Headaches / Back & Neck Pain – A 65 year old woman started care in July, 2015 for Headaches, Back, Neck and Hip pain. She was very happy when her back and neck began to feel better, but was actually surprised when her headaches became less frequent and less severe. Care is continuing until optimal spinal correction and nervous system balance can be achieved.

Plagiocephaly (Distorted Head) – Several infants have been brought in recently – summer 2015 - (about 5 in the last few months) due to concerns with the shape of their skulls. Plagiocephaly can occur when there is excessive intrauterine pressure, malposition of the baby in the womb, a breech pregnancy, twins or multiple fetuses, a C-Section birth (forceps, vacuum extraction, or just the process itself) or even from the normal forces of a natural birth. The skull bones need to be compressed during the birth process (this does not happen with a C-Section) and then they are supposed to expand back to their normal position. Due to many possible reasons (above), they can get out of positon. This can also occur if one of the neck muscles is damaged, shortened from the head being tipped to one side in the womb for a long time or if they are in a spasm. It will pull on the skull unevenly and result in the abnormal appearance. THE HELMETS THAT THE MEDICAL PROFESSION PERSCRIBES MAY HELP CHANGE THE SHAPE OF THE SKULL (NOTICE I SAID MAY), BUT THEY DO NOT CHANGE THE PULL OF THE TISSUES INSIDE THE SKULL. Mainly, the dura (meninges), which is a tough, rubbery structure that divides the skull and supports the brain. It also insulates the brain, spinal cord and nerves. The dura runs from the brain to the pelvis and can get twisted. The cranial work I perform helps to untwist / unwind this sheathing (like smoothing out a piece of plastic wrap that is around a tube), which helps the fluid around the brain and cord flow properly. This allows for the intake of nutrients and the removal of waste products from the brain and cord. So the real goal of the cranial correction is better brain and nervous system function. Improvement in the bone alignment and appearance is just a nice side effect of the work, not the intent.

Severe Neck Pain / Headaches / Immobility – A 69 year old man was first seen in June, 2015 complaining of Severe Neck Pain, Headaches and Immobility. He had other complaints as well, but the neck pain had been long standing and severe. He tried different things to help, including acupuncture, with no relief. After the first few visits, he had some reduction in his pain, but due to severe arthritis in his lower neck and upper back, it has been a long road for him. He continued to be seen three times a week for over three months and as of this writing, he is feeling better than he has in a very long time.

NeckPain / Headaches / Head Movement / Low Back Pain – A 44 year old man was first seen in mid-September, 2015 complaining of Neck Pain, Headaches and a lifelong issue with a Head Movement / Twitch. He had a significant amount of arthritis in his neck from either playing sports as a child (football / wrestling) or possibly from a congenital issue. He began care and started to have relief after just a few weeks. It will be interesting to see over time if the head movement quiets down or stops altogether. I will let you know.

Back and Leg Pain  - A 35 year old woman started under care in mid-November, 2015 for a fairly severe case of Low Back Pain and Sciatica (leg pain). She was diagnosed with a herniated disc. She had slow, but steady results with nothing more than specific adjustments and as of this writing, she is almost totally symptom free.

Headaches / Back & Neck Pain – A 34 year old woman started care in mid-October, 2015 for Headaches, Neck and Back pain and a mixture of numerous other complaints. She had been seeing another chiropractor regularly for two years and was only marginally better. After a complete assessment and evaluating her x-rays, a short term course of care began. Within two visits, she stated that she felt better than she did versus two years of the other type of chiropractic treatment. She was relatively symptom free after a few weeks and remains so.

NeckPain / Headaches / Mid and Low Back Pain – A 46 year old woman was first seen in early October, 2015 complaining of Neck Pain, Headaches, Mid and Low Back Pain and numerous other issues. She had seen the same chiropractor mentioned above and after her first visit there (of having her neck twisted), her arms went numb and tingly and she felt horrible. Thankfully, she did not lose faith in chiropractic and decided to give our office a call. After a few specific adjustments, all is good. As I say over and over to quote Dr. B.J. Palmer, "Chiropractic is specific, or it is nothing." A bad adjustment (manipulation) can do just as much harm as a specific and precise adjustment can do to perform miracles.

Severe / Daily Migraines & Headaches / Facial Pain / TMJ  - A 47 year old woman started under care in February, 2016 for a severe case of Migraine Headaches / Headaches and Facial Pain with a TMJ (Jaw Joint) problem. These symptoms existed steadily for over 7 years. She had seen numerous Medical Providers and was taking many drugs that did not CORRECT the cause of her problem. Her Dentist suggested she call our office. Typical with many these types of cases, I found a severely rotated subluxation of C2 (Axis – the 2nd bone in your neck) with a minor opposite rotation of C1 (Atlas) to the left. She also had TMJ and cranial subluxations. A course of very specific spinal and cranial adjustments was started. While she has suffered unrelenting pain most days of her life for the past several years, as is typical of patients in chronic pain, she became discouraged around the third week of care. I encouraged her to hang on a little longer and within a few more weeks, her pains were less severe, less frequent and did not last as long. As of this writing she is pain free most of the time, but still has some minor flare-ups. Moral of this case: A spinal / cranial problem that has existed for years cannot be corrected in a few visits or even months. It takes time to undo the damage and for the body to heal. TMJ issues (only one of her problems) can take especially long to balance and correct. Be a patient patient!

Scoliosis – A 12 year old girl re-started care in late October, 2015 for Scoliosis. She had fallen off of a horse and I felt that this triggered the curvature of her spine. Care began and within 3 months, her spinal curves have been decreased by almost 50%. Upon seeing the perplexed orthopedist (who never sees a scoliosis improve with traditional medical care) who was at first delighted that she had actually gotten better instead of worse, the parents mentioned she was seeing me. The tone quickly changed and it was dismissed as a coincidence. The typical medical treatment for scoliosis is to take x-rays every 6 months, then when it becomes bad enough, the child is put in a brace. Eventually, steel rods are implanted in the spine to force it to straighten. These rods eventually break because the spine wants to continue to be curved. Barbaric…..and we are the quacks. Barring any severe congenital defects or abnormalities, the problem usually is in the upper neck and / or the Pelvis. It amazes me how such intelligent, well-educated individuals can remain so ignorant and not acknowledge great results when the see them first hand. Never once in my 30 years has this or any other orthopedist or other medical provider called me and asked what it was that I did to get such drastic results. Are they afraid of losing business? It is a shame because for this one victory, countless other kids are denied chiropractic care by "well meaning" medical providers. It’s up to me and you to educate others that there is a better way.

Scoliosis – An 18 year old man re-stated care and was first seen in early February, 2016 due to a severe Scoliosis. Because of his age and the severe nature of his spinal curves, aggressive care was started at three times a week for several months. He was re-x-rayed in late May and we were thrilled to see a 50% reduction of his mid back curve and a 40% reduction of his low back curve. It is always best to get started at a young age (while the bones are still growing), but this case was a great example of what can be done with specific adjustments.

Foot Drop – A 48 year old man who was under care for years developed a case of Foot Drop in February of 2016 most likely from physical exertion. This is a condition that involves a pinched nerve in the lower back, usually from a herniated disc, that causes the muscles that raise the foot up to weaken. So when the person tries to walk, the foot either drags or flops down as they try to raise their foot and step down on their heel. Care began to reduce the disc herniation which is a very slow process. He steadily began to improve and as of this writing, he is about 97+ percent improved. Caution is always observed here. If the condition worsens or they develop bladder, bowel or sexual dysfunction, immediate surgical decompression is usually necessary. Therefore, these cases are followed very carefully.

Morton’s Neuroma of the Foot – A 65 year old woman began care in July, 2015 with many complaints including constant headaches, neck and back pain and the usual list of aches and pains. Despite the constant insistence that she would have to live with the headaches and other issues, they all improved (the headaches went away completely). She mentioned to me she had a Morton’s Neuroma in her foot. This is basically a thickening of a nerve between two of the foot bones. Why is it thickened? Because it is irritated. Why is it irritated? Because it is pinched between the bones. What did I do? Adjusted the foot and ankle to re-align the bones to their normal positon thus relieving the compression of the nerve and hence correcting the CAUSE of the problem. No more pain! It’s as simple as that.

Low / MidBack and Neck Pain – A 55 year old man began care in late March, 2016 with many complaints including neck and back pain complicated by severe joint and disc degeneration. He was new to chiropractic and was very nervous and tentative at the prospect of someone "cracking" his back. Once he saw the specificity of the adjustments and that there was no "cracking", he was at ease and was able to get great relief of his many symptoms. It is unfortunate that many individuals are still afraid to get under specific chiropractic care. The stigmas from many years of bashing by the AMA still exist. I still hear "don’t touch my neck, you’ll cause a stroke" (completely proven to be false by several recent studies) – they’ll paralyze you - they’ll break your back – they will cause arthritis – Etc., Etc. Etc. Meanwhile, the American Medical System was, once again, was listed as the third leading cause of preventable death in this country. Bear in mind that these numbers are for reported deaths. One only needs to look at malpractice rates to determine how safe a health care system is. Chiropractic enjoys the lowest rate of professional liability insurance when compared to any other health care system. Why? Because it is so safe.

Tinnitus – A 57 year old man who was a long time patient developed Tinnitus (ringing in the ears) in early 2016. He told me about it and after a few visits with no success, I decided to perform a specific brain stem adjustment (upper neck). By the next time I saw him, he reported it was pretty much gone! I have had several cases like this in my 30 years of practice. If there is nerve damage, than the results are not as positive. If it is from nerve interference, than we usually see amazing results. Remember that the first chiropractic patient had his hearing restored after 17 years of being deaf. Chiropractic was never about back and neck pain. The body just needs to have the interference removed. It is a simple as that. ENUF said.

Breech Pregnancy  - A 35 year old woman has been a long time patient and expressed a concern to me about her pregnancy being breech. Now let me start by stating that I am not an Obstetrician and do not claim to be one. However, if the Uterus is in a state of constraint from imbalanced muscles and ligaments, the fetus will not have the proper space or ability to move as it needs to. I performed the Webster Intrauterine Constraint Technique to reduce Pelvic Subluxations and restore normal balance to the Pelvis and organs. I want to stress that this does NOT involve in any way pushing in on or manipulating the abdomen or uterus. She returned on her next visit and happily stated that the baby was now in its normal position.

Hand Tremors – A 67 year old woman started care in late mid-December, 2015 for Hand Tremors and a number of other symptoms and health complaints. She had a long history of using numerous medications (the legal term for drugs) and developed many "side effects" (the legal term for reactions). Care began and while her progress was slow, she stated that she is feeling better physically and emotionally than she has in many, many years. Subluxations, especially those at the level of the brain stem (Upper Neck) as well as the cranium can have devastating effects on the body in many ways.

Upper Back - Hip – Ankle – Knee – TMJ Pain and Headaches – An 19 year old woman stated care in mid-May, 2016 with many complaints including Upper Back, Hip, Ankle, Knee and Jaw (TMJ) pain as well as Headaches. Care began with Specific, Corrective adjustments and within just a few visits, she felt better than she had in a very long time. Chiropractic care can produce miracles in anyone, but the young are especially quick to respond since they have not been sick (subluxated) for decades. Get your kids checked at a young age, especially if they had a tough birth or play sports!!

Ankle Pain – A 59 year old woman who was under care for many years developed a severe pain in her left Ankle. She had exhausted the normal medical route with no relief. I began correcting the biomechanics (alignment) of the ankle and within several visits, she had significant relief of her pain. She was delighted that she could walk normally and go up on her tippy toes with no pain at all. While Chiropractic’s emphasis is on overall health and wellbeing concentrating on the function of the nervous system, I am trained in correcting issues with any extremity as well. Literally, I work from head to toe. It is always better to try a natural, non-invasive approach rather than turning to drugs and surgery first.

Crohn’s Disease – A 25 year old woman began care in June, 2016 with a primary complaint of Crohn’s Disease. This includes chronic diarrhea, abdominal cramping and other symptoms associated with poor nutritional absorption including weight loss and hair loss. She was adjusted using specific, corrective chiropractic adjustments to her spine, cranium and Ileocecal valve. Within a few weeks she began to see differences and eventually began to have solid bowel movements, almost no cramping and began to gain weight and have her hair thicken. She also recently reported to me that she had her first menstrual period since December 2015. Remove the interference and let the body heal.

Herniated Disc with Back and Leg Pain (Sciatice) – A 51 year old man started care in May 2016 with Back and Leg pain. He had seen another local chiropractor with no relief. I began specific care including SOT (Sacro-Occipital Technique) and Cranial care to reduce the herniated disc and un-pinch the nerve. After about 8 weeks, he was in only mild discomfort and as of this writing, he is relatively pain free. No drugs or surgery involved. NOTE: Dealing with herniated discs takes much time and patience. It is not a quick fix, but with time, great results can be achieved. MOST all patients that have had back surgery will tell you that they regret is and are usually in more pain afterwards than before the surgery.

Low Back Pain / Heel Pain – A 15 year old male began care in July, 2016 with low back pain and pain in both heels. He was adjusted using specific, corrective adjustments to his spine, pelvis and ankles. He was also fitted with customized foot orthotics to support his arches and stabilize his pelvis. He is much improved and was able to play high school soccer this fall.

Back and Neck Pain – A 66 year old woman started care in July 2016 reluctantly at the urging of her family members for Back and Neck pain and other complaints.  She got better and is now a believer. ….and they all lived happily ever after.

Back and Hip / Leg Pain – A 74 year old woman started care in August 2016 for Back, Hip and Leg pain that started many years ago after she had a hip replacement. She has been to many doctors and Orthopedists for this pain that she was certain was from a botched surgery. She began care and within a few weeks had drastic relief. As of this writing she can go for walks without having to stop and rest and is feeling better than she has in years.

Severe, Debilitating Head, Neck, TMJ, Mid and Low Back Pain - A 51 year old woman came to the office in mid-January, 2017 with a long list of health issues. Most notable was many years of severe pain in her head, jaw and neck as well as throughout her spine. She had suffered for over 25 years with no relief from any therapy she tried. The thought of exercising or participating in sports (which she did in high school and college) was out of the question. She had been seeing a local chiropractor for 5 years with no help as well. Of course, no x-rays were ever taken and she got the generic pop and pray approach that all patients receive when seeing one of these so called chiropractors. (Can you imagine bringing your car to a garage for repair where all cars received the same fix?) After a complete assessment, x-rays and thermal scan, a specific, corrective chiropractic adjustment was administered. She came in the next day full of joy as she felt better than she had since getting injured over 25 years ago. She is now looking forward to a brighter future and to begin having a life again. To quote the world famous Dr. B. J. Palmer, "Chiropractic is Specific, or it is NOTHING.". Simply cracking a spine is not the same as correcting a subluxation and restoring the energy of LIFE! ENUF said.

Migraine Headaches - A 27 year old woman started care in late December, 2016 with a main complaint of Migraine Headaches. For many people, this is one of the worst pain that someone can deal with. If you never had one, it is NOT a bad headache. It can be suicidal pain for many that includes changes in vision, hearing, taste, digestion and so forth. My introduction to SPECIFIC Chiropractic Care was due to the many years I suffered with Migraines. Getting miraculous results lead me to continue my education beyond my regular studies and to expand my understanding of the importance of the brain stem and correcting with great specificity the Atlas (C1) and Axis (C2) Vertebrae. The cranial work adds more to this work and is almost unbeatable for not only Migraine Headaches, but a host of other health issues as well. While she has only been seen a few weeks, the severity and frequency have begun to decrease including before her menstrual cycle. Fix the cause, don’t treat the effect!!

Hand Pain / Weakness / Light Headed / Headaches / Back Pain - A 68 year old woman was first seen in October, 2016 with primary complaints including hand pain, cramps and weakness, knee pain, headaches, light headedness, shoulder pain and back pain. She was unable to perform daily tasks that we all take for granted. After a few weeks of specific, corrective adjustments, she was drastically improved in every aspect.

Foot Drop / Back Pain / Herniated Disc / Back Surgery - A 69 year old woman was first seen in October, 2016 for the usual back pain complaints complicated by degenerated and herniated discs. She also had a history of Foot Drop after having back surgery about 5 years ago. Foot Drop is a condition that occurs when a nerve (can be from L4, L5 or S1) that controls the muscles in the shin is not working correctly so the foot on that side cannot be raised upward. When these patients try to walk, the foot "drops" or slaps down when stepping forward because the normal muscle contraction does not take place to pull the front of the foot upward. This makes it difficult to walk normally. Aside from her back pain and other complaints improving, she was able to move her foot upward for the first time since her back problem developed before her surgery (which did not correct the problem) within a few weeks of being adjusted. Honestly, even I was surprised. The longer the nerve is compressed (subluxation), the more damage is done making it more difficult to reverse. Imagine tying a piece of string around your finger. After a while, the finger will die from lack of circulation and nerve supply. Thankfully, the pressure was only enough to keep the muscles from working, but not enough to kill the nerve.

Neck Pain / Herniated Discs / Arm Numbness and Weak - A 52 year old man was first seen in November, 2015 for severe neck and upper back pain with numbness and weakness down his right arm. He is a construction worker and has used his body performing manual labor since he was a teenager. While this was not a one adjustment miracle, after almost a year of care, his symptoms cleared up and he was able to avoid surgery (and keep working). Of note was a reversed neck curve (see last newsletter) which, over the years, compressed and herniated the discs in his lower neck and caused early arthritis. While he was 52 years old physically, his neck was 120 years old or more. I mention this case because one of the most important factors in healing is that nasty 4 letter word – T-I-M-E. The body can heal if interference (nerve and physical compression) are removed, but it does need TIME to undo the damage, especially if it has existed for decades. This is why having your kids corrected makes so much sense. If they play contact sports or have been involved in an accident (even if they do not hurt), have them checked to help prevent future health problems.

Arm Numbness / Weakness / Carpal Tunnel - A 36 year old man was first seen in May, 2016 for numbness and weakness down his arms and Carpal Tunnel. Corrective adjustments to his spine, shoulders, elbows and wrists lead to a correction of the underlying cause of his symptoms. He is symptom free and avoided surgery.

Ear Infections - A 15 month old male was brought to the office by his mother last May, 2016 with re-occurring ear infections. His pediatrician was pushing for surgery where they put a hole in the ear drums (barbaric) and insert tubes so that the fluid from the middle ear can drain out. This in no way corrects the cause of the problem nor does it enhance the immune system. As a side note, 98% of all ear infections are viral, so the idea of using an anti-biotic to treat them does absolutely no good (except for the pharmaceutical company), is mal-practice and harmful to the child’s immune system and gut bacteria. He was in the office for a wellness visit this past week and his mom thanked me as he has not had a single ear infection since starting care a year ago! While many may find this amazing or just a great coincidence (the medical explanation), this is the rule, not the exception. Using specific spinal adjustments and cranial care to allow the Eustachian tubes to drain as they are designed (correcting the cause of the problem) is all that is needed to let the body function as intended by our creator.

Low Back Pain - A 67 year old man started care in late April, 2017 with a main complaint of Low Back pain. For many people, living with back pain is accepted as just a part of aging. A daily regimen of pain killers becomes the norm. After a few short weeks of care he is feeling better than he has in a very long time. He is able to walk with his wife (also a patient that received great benefits from specific, corrective chiropractic care) without the pain he previously had and he is looking forward to doing more this summer than in years past.

Severe Mid-Back Pain - A 16 year old woman was first seen in late March, 2017 with a primary complaint of severe mid-back pain. She was at wits end as no other treatments had helped her. After her first adjustment, she had significant relief and has been doing well since minus a few flare-ups from over doing it.

Lack of Mental Clarity / Thinking / Sleep Issues - A 13 year old male was first seen in late March, 2017 with issues involving learning / thinking and sleeping. He had difficulty in school and with daily activities. Since he started care, his mother stated he thinks much faster and clearer and is not as agitated as much as he was. The sleep issue is on and off again, but has improved as well. Taking the pressure off of the dura (the tough covering around the brain) and the brain stem via specific upper neck adjustments allows the brain and nervous system to function normally. Normal CSF (cerebrospinal fluid) flow around the brain and spinal cord is essential for the nervous system to function. It brings in nutrients and removes waste products. When the cranial bones are not properly "aligned", it affects the dura (meninges) like a kink in plastic food wrap. This disrupts the flow of the CSF like stagnant water in a stream and leads to improper function of the brain and nerves.

Neck Pain / Jaw Pain / Headaches - An 11 year old girl was first seen in early February, 2017 for neck pain, jaw pain and headaches. She also had a head tilt as the result of the subluxations in her neck. Specific, corrective care was started along with cranial care and TMJ (jaw) adjustments. She responded excellently and is doing great as of this newsletter.

Low Back Pain / Sciatica / Herniated Disc - A 16 year old woman was first seen in late February, 2017 for Low Back Pain and Sciatica (leg pain). She is a high level athlete and this health issue was severely affecting her ability to participate in her sport. She had a severe Facet Syndrome between L5 and her Sacrum (the pelvic bone that the spine sits on). Instead of an open space between the two bones, there was a sharp angle causing the disc to get compressed and hence, herniated. Intensive care was started at three visits a week for 6 weeks and 2 times a week thru May. A recent x-ray revealed a drastic improvement in the spacing between the two bones involved and hence, less pressure on the disc. This will allow the herniation to reduce and heal. This is a very time intensive process, but if surgery can be avoided, it is well worth it. She has been able to begin some of her activities including running.

Inability to Swallow or Eat - A 17 year old young man was first seen in Mid-September, 2017 after not being seen here for a few years. He was unable to swallow or eat and was losing weight. His pediatrician said it was from stress / anxiety. After a very thorough examination and neurological workup, it was observed that his uvula (that thing that hangs down in the back of your throat) was not centered and his soft pallet (back of the roof of the mouth) was not moving. He also lacked a gag reflex. So is it a brain stem tumor or a subluxation? It certainly was not stress or being made up. We decided to start care and if there was no improvements in a few weeks, he would be referred to a neurologist and for a MRI. I x-rayed him and discovered his Atlas (top vertebra) was sitting in Herkimer County. (Why don’t the majority of chiropractors take x-rays??? Makes me sick). I asked him if he was cracking / manipulating his own neck – the answer was "yes". So this was a self-induced major subluxation. Using the Palmer Upper Cervical Specific adjusting technique, I adjusted his Atlas. The next visit he was able to swallow a little bit. I adjusted some other findings in his neck and also released the tension of the jugular foramen (the two holes in the skull for the passage of cranial nerves 9, 10 and 12) using an inter-oral (inside the mouth) cranial adjustment. Cranial nerves 9 and 10 have to do with swallowing, the gag reflex and pallet movement. Number 10 (the Vagus Nerve) also controls most all of your organs – you hear me talk about this a lot. Long story short, after his 3rd visit he was able to eat a full meal. His uvula is now centered and his pallet is doing what a pallet is supposed to do. Where would this young man be without chiropractic care? Probably on Xanax and on a downward health spiral to no-where. Of course the Pediatrician is speechless. Maybe he needs a specific adjustment as well!

Infant with head tilted upward, colic and difficulty nursing - A 10 week old female was brought to the office by her parents in late August, 2017. They were referred by a local physical therapist. They were concerned that her head was always stuck in extension (looking upward) and she had great difficulty moving it. She also had difficulty nursing and was fussy from colic. She was evaluated and found to have a subluxation between the Occiput (bottom of the skull) and the Atlas (first bone at the top of the spine) as well as the sacrum (pelvic bone the spine sits on). She also had Plagiocephaly (mis-shaped skull) more than likely from the constant pull of the muscles since birth (or before?) that were keeping her head locked in one position. She was adjusted specifically in the spine and the cranial subluxations were reduced as well. She experience almost immediate relief of all of her symptoms and is now a healthy, and happy (mom and dad too!) baby girl.

Infant with Plagiocephaly and "Fussy"- A 7 month old male was brought to the office in late September, 2017 by his parents. Grandma has just started care in the office and received drastic results from a chronic back issue. They were concerned that his head was mis-shaped as well as an ongoing problem with constipation and fussiness. After careful assessment, care was initiated and within a few visits drastic improvements were observed. Infants and toddlers usually obtain miraculous and almost instantaneous results. Their bodies are super healers and they do not carry issues around for years before being seen. What a great way to start life!

Facial Numbness - A 52 year old male was first seen in late September, 2017 with numbness in his face. He had some other minor issues as well. After a few visits, the area that he was experiencing numbness in began to decrease. He continues to improve and while it is still early in his care, I have no doubt that he will recover. Fix the problem and the body heals itself … it is as simple as that.

Herniated Disk with Back Pain and Sciatica - A 45 year old woman was first seen in mid- June, 2017 for an injury she sustained to her lower back as the result of getting twisted by a local chiropractor. He did not have any x-rays taken and proceeded to put her on her side and give her low back a good twist and crack. As a result, she ended up with a herniated disk and severe lower back and leg pain (sciatica). She was barely able to walk and was out of work when I first saw her. She had been in this state for many months. Dealing with a disk injury takes a lot of time and patience. Three months after she started, she is back to work and feeling drastically improved. I utilized a combination of SOT and Logan techniques (you can read about them on my web site) as well as muscle work until she was ready for regular adjustments. She still has a way to go as disks, like ligaments, take a very long time to heal. As the disk shrinks back into position, it pulls away from the nerve which reduces the pain.

RULE 1: Don’t ever let anyone work on your spine without an x-ray. If you cannot see it, you are guessing.

RULE 2: Don’t let anyone twist your spine or neck. Nothing good comes out of it. There are techniques in Chiropractic that involve putting the patient on the side that are very specific and non-twisting, but most DCs do NOT do this, they just twist to make a big popping sound. Very impressive – NOT.

Difficulty Swllowing x 2  - Two different adult males ages 73 and 88 have a difficulty with swallowing. This is in addition to the low back and neck pain they are seen routinely for. If you recall my last newsletter, I reported on a 17 year old male with the same issue. His problem is completely resolved with specific chiropractic care. Both of these older gentlemen respond instantly to specific spinal and cranial adjustments. While chiropractic care may not "cure" their trouble with swallowing, they receive relief of this cranial nerve related condition which is more than any drug or shot on earth can offer them.

Tinnitus – A 59 year old male, who was a wellness patient in the office for many years, told me he had a problem with ringing in his ears (Tinnitus). Brain stem decompressive adjustments (Upper Cervical Knee Chest Technique) and Cranial Adjustments were administered per proper protocols. Over the course of about 8 weeks, his symptoms greatly diminished and to date, he is symptom free the great majority of time.

Herniated Disc / Low Back Pain and Sciatica – A 32 year old woman started care in early January, 2018 for Low Bach Pain and Sciatica (leg pain) which had plagued her for a few years. She was referred to my office by another patient who had great results with severe neck pain and his wife who had migraines. She had seen another chiropractor with no relief. Using specific, corrective spinal adjustments, she began to get relief after her first visit. She has continued to improve, with an occasional flare up. This is to be expected considering she is a dairy farmer and does heavy work every single day without a break. I expect, over time, she will continue to improve. You may recall in a previous newsletter a middle age woman who was seen by another chiropractor that did NOT TAKE X-RAY’S, put her on her side and twisted her low back causing a herniated disc. She reported this past week that she is 98% better. Soft tissue injures (discs, ligaments, tendons, etc) take a very long time (sometimes years) to treat due to the very slow healing process they go through. This is why I laugh when I am told by insurance companies that we do not need x-rays, do not need to be specific and that patients should all be better in 6 to 8 visits. I wish they had the same guidelines for the medical profession!

Severe Low Back / Hip / Groin Pain – A 65 year old man started care in early November, 2017 for chronic severe Low Back, Hip and Groin Pain that is worse when he tried to walk. X-Rays revealed arthritis throughout his spine and in his hip joints. Of course, we cannot remove his arthritis, but by correcting what subluxations we can and getting movement back into the joints, pain is reduced and function and ranges of motion are improved. He has seen an improvement in his overall condition and hopefully we will help him avoid hip surgery, but time will tell. Bottom line is he is not getting worse and has less pain with no side effects whatsoever.

Back Pain  - A 60 year old male has been a patient for three years. When he started care with me, he was taking 3 Tramadols (a powerful, addictive opioid pain killer) a day for back pain. While it took some time to stabilize him, he no longer takes any pain killers and is able to work in construction. The USA has a terrible opioid epidemic as you know. Chiropractic care can often relieve pain and therefore the need for these drugs that can lead to the use of heroin and other street drugs and eventually death from an overdose. Simple, safe, low cost and effective with no side effects, that’s Chiropractic!

Hand Pain / Numbness – A 31 year old male started in the office in late April, 2018 with severe pain in his arms and hands as well as numbness. He also had neck and back pain. He is a self-employed dairy farmer so he performs heavy work every day with no chance to rest. He was contemplating carpal tunnel surgery. This was a problem because he has 4 young children and it is impossible for him to take a "leave" from his job. His exam was worrisome for a herniated disc in his neck, so I was rather concerned that his condition had deteriorated to the point of no return. After his first adjustment, he had remarkable relief and within a few visits, he made a miraculous turn around. Symptoms have come and gone over the past few weeks, but considering he never gives his body a rest, I think that his progress is short of miraculous. Another surgeon who missed out on a case.

Neck Pain / Difficulty Turning Her Head / Headaches / Concentration Issues – A currently 80 year old woman started care in early 1993 because of difficulty moving her head, neck pain, headaches and trouble concentrating. She received strictly upper cervical knee chest specific adjustments. Her recovery was remarkable and she is able to do things she had not been able for some time including playing the organ in church and driving. She has faithfully been checked (not adjusted) once a week ever since. She recently said to me that she was never mentioned in my office newsletter. So here it is and she is doing great!!

Low Back Pain – A 22 year old young man started care in early May, 2018 for chronic Lower Back Pain. Within 2 weeks of specific, corrective adjustments, he was drastically relieved of the pain he has been in for quite a while. He can enjoy his favorite past times and work his job (A/C and Heating installation) without worrying about his "back" issue.

Mid Back Pain – A 35 year old man started care in early May, 2018 for chronic Sharp Mid Back Pain as well as other complaints. He has seen 2 other chiropractors with no relief. After his first specific, corrective adjustment, he saw noticeable improvements and by the end of the second week of care, had improved nicely. "Chiropractic is specific, or it is nothing". Dr. BJ Palmer

Low Back Pain / Drop Foot / Tingling – A 56 year old man started care in mid-April, 2018 for chronic Lower Back Pain and a variety of other complaints as well as a Drop Foot (cannot lift the foot upwards) and tingling in his arms and hands. Within a few weeks of specific, corrective adjustments, his overall condition improved including the Drop Foot. Remove the cause of the problem and the body will heal. It is as simple as that.

Hip Pain w/ Scheduled Replacement Surgery – A 60 year old man re-started care in May, 2018 due to severe hip pain traveling down his leg. He was using a cane and could barely walk. He was scheduled to have hip replacement surgery in June. X-Rays were taken and his subluxations were assessed. He did have some arthritis in the hip joint giving him the pain, but not anything that I considered to be of significance. After his first adjustment, he stood up as the table came up and the look on his face was priceless. The pain was drastically reduced and he could bear weight on his leg better than he had been able to over the past few months. Don’t assume that because you have arthritis, a herniated disc, Etc. that IT is the cause of your problem. We all have these findings. Don’t lose sight of the forest for the trees.

Brain Fog / Stroke? – A 72 year old woman who had been a regular patient came in after being tangled up by her dog and falling. She was experiencing severe symptoms including dizziness, brain fog and was suspected of having a stroke by a medical provider. I assessed her situation and assured her that she was not. After some cranial and upper cervical specific corrections, her symptoms greatly decreased and she was at ease. Expected RESULTS are the difference between an adjustment and a manipulation.

Migraine Headaches – A 28 year old male started care in December, 2017 for a lifetime of frequent Migraine Headaches. Specific, corrective care was initiated and the frequency, severity and duration gradually decreased. As of this newsletter, he is symptom free most of the time and rarely has a headache. When he does, they do not last long and are not nearly as severe. Everything has a cause. The body is programmed to be healthy, not sick. We just need to find the problem and correct it, not treat the symptom.

Nursing Difficulty  – A 9 month old male was brought to the office in late October, 2018 by his mother who was concerned about his ability to nurse properly. He had his tongue and lip frenulum (the flap of skin that attaches these structures to the lower jaw and lip) cut and has had problems since. Upon evaluation, he had a head tilt, cranial subluxations, an Atlas (the top bone in the spine) subluxation and his Pelvis was subluxation. I adjusted him using specific chiropractic protocols as well as a cranial correction. I call his mother the next day and she was glad to report that he was nursing much better. The body works properly with no nerve interference.

Neck Pain – A 41 year old male started in the office in July, 2018 with significant neck pain and immobility that had existed for at least three years. This, despite seeing another chiropractor.  He also had other issues including numbness in one foot. His x-ray examination revealed a reversed neck curve with significant disc and joint arthritis. I adjusted his mid cervical spine based on the Pierce System protocols. The look on his face after his adjustment seemed to say "what just happened to me?". He was almost afraid to move. The next day he could not believe the significant relief (less pain, increased mobility) he had from one specific adjustment. A follow up x-ray revealed a complete correction of the cervical curve even though he has advanced arthritis in his neck. The Pierce Results system is, in my opinion, one of the most powerful corrective chiropractic techniques and I was honored to have been mentored by Dr. Pierce at his clinic in Pennsylvania. I also taught his work at Palmer College while I was a student there.

Neck & Back Pain / No Hair Growth / Many Symptoms – A 69 year old female started care in August, 2018 with many complaints. Her main issues included Neck and Back Pain, trouble walking, standing, sitting for long periods of time, TMJ (jaw joint) issues and other maladies. Care was started and slowly over time, her aches and pains began to let up. Her bite / chewing issue improved which had been a chronic concern. She then began to notice things like hair growth on her scalp where she had a receding hair line as well as her legs which she stated she had not needed to shave in many years. She is now able to drive long distances, go to the hair dresser for the first time in 20 years, sit through church, visit with friends and family and enjoy life again after many years of "just living with it". Never underestimate the power of the body to heal.

Numbness / Neck & Upper Back Pain / Surgical Fusion – A 61 year old woman started care in July, 2018 for chronic Neck / Upper Back Pain and numbness in her hands and arms. She has a previous history of having her neck surgically fused from C4 to C7. Many people would absolutely NOT see a chiropractor who had such drastic surgery. I adjusted her Atlas and Axis (C1 and C2) when and how indicated (scan and x-ray) as well as other areas of her spine. All symptoms drastically reduced and as of this writing, she is only mildly symptomatic and doing better than she has in years. Everything has not been tried until you try SPECIFIC chiropractic!

Hiatal Hernia – A 49 year old woman has been a patient for several years. She asked if there was anything I could do for her Hiatal Hernia. This is a condition when the stomach is partially pulled above the diaphragm. Symptoms include REFLUX (GERD) and pain. I adjusted her spine and released the Vagus Nerve through a specific cranial correction and then reduced the hernia. She responded exceptionally well and remained well. The diaphragm has a hole in it for the esophagus (food tube) to go through and then to the stomach. There is a ring of muscle that is supposed to stay contracted to keep the contents of the stomach from coming upward. When this ring of muscle (sphincter – similar to the anus) is not getting the proper nerve supply, it opens up and allows stomach contents to splash up in to the esophagus (Agita) and can allow the stomach itself to migrate upward. Restoring the nerve supply so it works properly and bringing the stomach back in to position usually corrects the problem. No Xanax needed.

Left Sided Body and Facial Numbness – A 21 year old male was being seen for a herniated low back disc and resulting sciatica. He contacted the office for an emergency involving left sided body numbness and facial numbness. He wanted to know if he should come in to see me or go to the ER. I told him to come in. He had a severe Atlas (top bone in the spine) subluxation. He was adjusted using the Upper Cervical Specific Knee Chest (UCSKC) Technique – Rested and was reevaluated. His scan indicated removal of the brain stem pressure and he was sent on his way. Problem solved. The UCSKC Technique was developed over several decades at Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, IA. People came from all over the world for this amazing corrective method of chiropractic care. It was / is unique because it addresses all three angles of the misalignment (X, Y and Z axis) and is monitored by instrumentation (scan) to objectively monitor the patient’s response. This gives dramatic results. One noted patient of Dr. Palmer’s was the wife of one of the Mayo brothers who started the Mayo clinic. She was not helped through medical care and Dr. Palmer was able to correct her underlying problem so she could get well. Dr. Mayo was so impressed and grateful that he provided complimentary medical care at his famous clinic to any chiropractor or their family members up until the time he no longer practiced.

Concussion – Follow Up – A 58 year old man suffered a severe concussion after being hit on the head by a falling piece of ice. He had seen numerous doctors and therapist for his symptoms (that included headaches, dizzy spells, lightheadedness, confusion, and imbalance) including neurologists, physical therapists, cranio-sacral therapy and balance therapy. He received little to no relief of his symptoms. He started care aggressively with my office and received specific, corrective chiropractic care including upper cervical and corrective cranial care. He began to make gains and as of this writing, while still symptomatic, is drastically improved including an extreme reduction in the killer headaches, better balance and a general improvement in his overall well being.

Headaches  – A 22 year old woman was first seen in September, 2018 with a 5+ year history of headaches, neck pain and back pain. She is symptom free with specific chiropractic care that included upper cervical specific (Atlas) adjustments and cranial care.

Headaches – A 20 year old woman started care in late October, 2018 with a long standing history of headaches since the age of 12. They are gone. Remove the cause and the symptom goes away. There is not a pill, shot, potion or lotion that can do what a specific chiropractic adjustment can do.

Infant Colic / Reflux / Nursing Difficulties – A 3 week old male infant started care in December, 2018 by his mother. He had several issues including Colic, Plagiocephaly (a mis-shaped head) and Nursing Difficulties. He was evaluated and found to have sacral, upper cervical and cranial subluxations. His mother reported improvements after his first visit. Within a few weeks, he was symptom free, nursing well and his cranium was drastically improved.

Nursing Difficulties / Restless Sleep – A 9 month old Mennonite Infant started care in October, 2018 for difficulties nursing and sleeping. He had his tongue and lip frenulum (the flap of skin that connects these structures to the lower jaw and upper lip) cut. That proved to not help at all. Care was started to include upper cervical care and cranial corrections. After the first visit, his mother noted that he was able to suck much harder. Within a few weeks he was perfect. He is now a much happier and robust little baby and everyone in the house is getting more sleep.

Learning Difficulties / Low Energy – An 8 year old Mennonite Boy (the brother to the baby above) was first seen in late November, 2018. His mother was concerned that he was not doing well in school and that he had no energy. Care was started and in less than two weeks, he was engaging in school and getting his homework done on his own. You can see the light come on in his eyes with only a few visits that included upper cervical, cranial and pelvic corrective adjustments. All of her children and herself are under care for the health of it.

Infantile Reflux / Ear Infections – An 8 month old male infant was brought in by his mother in late January, 2019 for Reflux and Ear Infections. He was on medications for both for many months. HOW does a new born baby have reflux? Something is not working correctly. Find and fix the cause and the symptoms will go away. That is exactly what happened after a few weeks of care. His cranium was distorted and he also had subluxations in his upper neck and pelvis. Care of infants and children is very gentle and highly effective. They respond so quickly because they have a robust system capable of fast healing, they have not had the underlying problem for decades and they do not think themselves sick. Animals are the same way. He is now an amazing, healthy and happy little guy with a great life ahead of him without drugs or surgery!

ADHD / Learning Difficulties – A 10 year old boy was first seen in July, 2018. He suffered from ADHD and Learning Difficulties. School and homework were a struggle. By the end of the first semester of school he was on the honor roll and doing better in school than he ever has. Specific chiropractic care has an amazing ability to unlock the potential in everyone.

Difficulty Nursing / Constipated / Reflux / Fussy  – A 2 month old male was first seen in May, 2019 for numerous issues including Difficulty Nursing, Constipation, Reflux, Fussiness and Plagiocephaly (mis-shaped head). He was referred to our office by a local PT who I have worked with in the past. This infant was in mild distress and was always labeled as "fussy" at daycare. His father told me he frequently cried and was rarely happy. He was evaluated and his pelvis, upper cervical spine and cranium were adjusted. By his next visit he was improved and dad said he could put him down and he did not have a fit. By his third evaluation he was 90% improved. I only checked him twice more and as of his last visit, he was Chiropractically near perfect and a happy tyke (as were his parents and old brother). Everything has not been tried until the patient has had a specific chiropractic evaluation and care.

Back Pain  – A 71 year old man was first seen in mid-July, 2019 with a history of back pain. He was unable to get any relief and was encouraged by a friend to give us a call. X-rays clearly indicated the CAUSE of his problem. Specific adjustments slowly corrected the subluxations reducing the nerve pressure and he is now enjoying life once again. Correct the Cause of the problem rather than Treating just the Symptoms!

Fractured Spine – A 16 year old teenager started care in July, 2019 with a history of lower back pain. He had been seeing another local chiropractor for over 6 months getting "manipulated" with no relief and was only getting worse. NO X-RAYS WERE TAKEN! My initial exam and x-rays revealed a fracture of the last vertebra in his spine (L5) which, over time, caused it to slip forward on the pelvis (sacrum). This is called a spondylolisthesis and is actually fairly common. I discover them frequently. The can occur congenitally, but most happen in the early teen years when the bones are not fully formed and are still cartilage. Heavy lifting (farm kids) and sports like wrestling, football, diving, hockey and gymnastics are common vectors in causing the cartilage to break. Specific, corrective adjustments (not gross manipulations) based on my x-ray findings gave him relief of his pain for the first time in a long while.

Moral of the story – NEVER let anyone perform forceful work on your spine without having the necessary information (x-rays) ahead of time. Results are usually poor and you could make a bad situation worse.

Choking Sensation – A 48 year old woman started care in May, 2019 with many complaints including back and neck pain and a "choking" feeling in her throat. She tried numerous therapies with no relief. Specific, corrective care was started and slowly over time, her symptoms were reduced. As of this writing, she no longer has the choking feeling and most of her other symptoms are for the most part gone. Healing is a process, not an event. I remove the barrier to healing (the subluxation), but the body must rebuild itself which is a time sensitive process. Be a patient patient and give your body time to undo damage that many have existed for decades.

Fuzzy Dizziness – A 74 year old man started care in April, 2019 with a primary complaint of a fuzzy dizziness in his head as well as neck pain. He was referred to me by another chiropractor for specific upper cervical care. His immediate response after his adjustments was always excellent as he had a great diminish in his symptoms, but they would return. Over time, his body improved and while he is still having issues, they are fewer and farther between and less intense. It may take many months or even years for his body to completely reverse the effects of the long standing subluxations he has most likely had for decades. Any improvement is miraculous for the person experiencing the problem.

Dizzy / Vomiting / Headaches – A 17 year old teenager started care in April, 2019 with injuries from a car accident. Symptoms included severe headaches, dizziness, vomiting, an inability to concentrate as well as neck and back pain. It was nearly impossible for her to go to school let alone take examinations. Medically, her doctors had nothing to offer her. Being a senior, she was anxious to graduate and move on with the next part of her life. Care was started and within a few weeks, her symptoms decreased. By August she was symptom free and was able to leave for college. Fix the problem – don’t treat the symptoms.

Low Back Pain / Hip / Shoulder / Neck Pain  – A 72 year old man was first seen in late November, 2019 with a chronic history of low back pain as well as Hip, Shoulder and Neck pain. Specific adjustments, based on his x-ray findings, were started and within a few weeks, his long standing back pain and other complaints began to decrease. As of the end of December, 2019, he was doing better than he has in years.

Mid-Back Pain / Headaches / Tingling in Hand – A 22 year old man started care in mid-December, 2019 with a history of mid back pain, headaches, right hand tingling and left hand and ankle pain. He had been hesitant to get under care, but at the urging of a close friend, he decided to come in. Specific x-rays demonstrated multiple spinal subluxations. After his first adjustment, he noticed a significant improvement. He went from being a doubter to a believer thanks to the great results he received from Specific Chiropractic care.

Neck & Back Pain / Headaches / Hip Pain / Numbness in Arms & Hands – A 37 year old man started care in mid-November, 2019 with a primary complaint of Neck pain. He also had a number of other complaints including Headaches, Hip and Elbow Pain and Numbness in his Arms and Hands. He does heavy labor and drives a snow plow, so he puts a lot of stress on his body and spine daily. A corrective adjustment schedule was started and he gradually began to see nice changes and improvements despite the type of work he does. Most all of his symptoms are non-existent at this point even though full correction has not been achieved.

Stiffness / Poor Posture – A 13 year old young man started care in mid-October, 2019 with a primary complaint of poor neck / back mobility & poor posture. He is also a diabetic. He was examined and x-rayed and multiple findings were discovered. He could not flex his chin toward his chest at all making it impossible to complete his x-rays. He was bent forward and he had a significant head tilt. All of these issues at such a young age has a devastating effect on one’s future health. The brain and body are not communicating properly and abnormal information is being sent to the brain due to the poor posture setting up a cascade of health issues down the road. Specific, corrective care was started as well as home exercises and slow changes started to occur. As of this writing, he still has a very long road ahead of him, but he has experienced improved mobility and posture since he started care.

Colic / Reflux / Constant Crying / Mis-Shaped Skull / Tilted Head – A 2 month old infant started care on October 31, 2019. He had been screaming almost non-stop from birth. His parents also reported he has "Reflux", loose stool, a Head Tilt (Torticollis) and his head was Mis-Shaped (Plagiocephaly) . The medical profession blames the crying on "Colic" and "Reflux", but what causes it? He was quickly and easily assessed for subluxations. I adjusted his pelvis, upper neck and cranium. Drastic changes occurred by his second visit and by his third visit, he was a new baby. What would his life be like not only staying subluxated, but more than likely eventually put on medications?? Save a life and refer these kids in. Save – Effective – Life Changing Specific Chiropractic Care.

Ear Infections / Constipated 2 Year Old  – A current 2 year old toddler was first seen in January 2019 for Ear Infections when he was 8 months old. In time, another concern was delayed speech. Specific adjustments based on pediatric protocols and the ear infections were no longer an issue in short order. His speech is slowly coming along. My hypothesis is that due to the ear infections, he was not hearing much at all for the first months of his life until he began care. So he is just catching up. Last week, his mother called to bring him in because he had not made a bowel movement in 3 days. An hour after his visit, she called and left a very happy message that all systems were GO! Remove the interference and the body knows what to do.

Migraine Headaches / Headaches / Neck and Low Back Pain – A 58 year old woman started care in May 2020 a primary complaint of Headaches / Migraines and Neck and Lower Back Pain. She was examined and x-rayed and multiple findings were discovered. Care was initiated and within a month of intensive care she was responding very well with all of her complaints. Today, she is headache free and is able to work as a laborer with little difficulty. She referred in her daughter-in-law for care who is the next case.

Low Back / Hip Pain / Headaches – A 45 year old woman started care not even two weeks ago (November 11, 2020). She has a long standing history of severe low back and hip pain (10+ out of 10) as well as a variety of other concerns including headaches. Specific x-rays demonstrated multiple spinal and pelvic subluxations. After her first two visits, her pain that had plagued her for many years was drastically reduced. I anticipate nothing but a great future for this very pleasant woman.

Severe Back and Leg Pain – A 27 year old woman started care in April 2020 on an emergency basis. She was experiencing extreme lower back pain, could barely walk and was bent forward (antalgia). She was literally in tears. After an emergency assessment and x-rays, I determined her primary subluxation was her maxilla (the upper jaw bone). After correcting the alignment in her cranium, she stood up and was 90% relieved. This is a common occurrence in my office. No other adjustment was given on that day. Her response was dramatic and permanent. Shame on the insurance companies that tell us we should only be "treating" the area of pain – these are the same ones that tell us we don’t need to take x-rays. Correcting the cause of the problem gives us the best results in the least amount of time for the lowest cost for all.

Head Pain / Pressure / Numbness / Heart Palpitations – A 20 year old young woman started care in late-September, 2020 with a primary complaint of Neck Pain, Headaches, Numbness in her head, heart palpitations and other issues. She was examined and x-rayed and multiple findings were discovered. Specific, corrective care was initiated and she slowly responded to the adjustments as her body healed. Today, she is almost symptom free and feeling great.

Chronic Headaches / Mid and Lower Back Pain – A 44 year old woman started care in mid-October 2020. Her main complaints included chronic headaches, mid and lower back pain. My usual initial assessment was performed including and extensive chiropractic and neurological examination, sEMG, ROM, Thermography and specific X-Rays. Her biomechanical distortions (subluxations) were noted and care started. While it has only been a month, the frequency and intensity of the headaches as well as the mid and lower back pain have drastically decreased. Again, I am not treating the symptoms, but rather, correcting the cause. Doesn’t this make more sense?

Cross Eye (Converging Strabismus) & Headaches – A 4 year old boy was first seen in late February 2021. He was brought in by his mother because of a fall he took in December that caused his left eye to immediately turn in toward his nose (converging strabismus) and constant Headaches. When he fell, his head violently flexed forward. They had brought him to a regular chiropractor with no results. He was examined by me and x-rays were taken revealing an upper cervical subluxation complex. I adjusted his cranium and upper cervical spine (C1 and C2) and his mother was excited to report that he was having many less headaches and that his eye was looking better. As of this writing, his headaches were non-existent and his eye was drastically improved. He has a way to go to for full correction and healing, but I am confident that he will be as near perfect as possible.

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) with Many Symptoms – A 36 year old woman started care in mid-December 2020 with multiple symptoms from MS. This included muscular weakness, bladder weakness, poor coordination and other symptoms. She was examined and x-rayed and multiple spinal subluxations were discovered. Care was initiated and within a month of intensive care she was responding very well with all of her complaints. Today, she is enjoying positive rather than negative health changes including better balance, strength, coordination and bladder function.

Plugged Ear / Noise in Ear – A 61 year old woman started care in late January 2021 with a primary complaint of having a plugged ear that had a noise in it. She had seen a local ENT who told her there was fluid in her head and the only solution was to drill a hole and drain it. He became angry with her when she opted not to have surgery. After a through chiropractic examination and specific x-rays, she received corrective spinal and cranial adjustments. As of her last visit, the noise in the ear is practically gone and she is feeling drastically better. I guess she needed a safe and affordable chiropractic adjustment rather than a hole in her head.

Neck Pain – A 43 year old man started care in December 2020 for unresolved neck pain. He had seen another chiropractor for quite some time with no results. It was no surprise to me that he had not had any x-rays and received "snap-crackle-pop" care over and over that was of no help. After my examination and x-rays, I identified the problem and began corrective care. He began to feel relief and continued to improve. As of this writing, he was markedly improved and is under supportive care while the healing process continues.

Low Back Pain / Neck Pain / Headaches – Of course, I see a great number of patients for Low Back Pain, Neck Pain and Headaches. Not to downplay these issues, but I love to highlight the unusual cases to present the fact that specific chiropractic care can have a drastic impact on many other conditions than the usual three that most people see a doctor of chiropractic for. Through the years, those of you that have been with me a while know that we have seen improvements in kids with chronic Ear Infections, Tourette’s Syndrome, Heart Palpitations, Migraines, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Plagiocephaly (misshaped head), Nursing Difficulties, Foot Drop, Sciatica, Tinnitus (Ringing in the ears) and many other symptoms. Remember, I do not treat these conditions; I correct the underlying interference (vertebral or cranial subluxations). Your nervous system is your master control system. If that is not communicating with every cell in your body properly, malfunctions occur (dis-ease). Chiropractic care does not treat or cure anything... only your body can heal itself. Sometimes, it just needs some help to remove the interference that is not allowing it to function to its fullest potential.

Neck & Shoulder Pain – A 73 year old man was first seen in mid-June, 2021 with a multitude of complaints including neck and shoulder pain, upper back pain and limited mobility of his right shoulder. He was examined and x-rayed and found to have advanced arthritis in his neck with significant bone misalignments. Probably one of the worst cases I have ever seen. Care was started and he had incredible improvements. He stated that it was the best he has felt in years and he was able to move his neck and shoulder more than he has in years with little to no pain. He then sustained a significant injury falling off his road bike at a high rate of speed. Regardless of this new injury, I was able to improve his new issues as well as continue to work on his old problems.

Back and Neck Surgery / Back Spasms / Limited Leg Movement – A 69 year old man started care in early June 2021 (in a wheel chair) with multiple symptoms. This included muscular weakness, back spasms, limited mobility of his legs, right shoulder pain and neck pain. He had previous low back and neck surgery that included fusion with plates and screws. Care was started on a regular basis and after about 8 weeks he came to the office using a walker. His leg movement improved and the spasms decreased. He had overall improvement in his symptoms and was sleeping better. He had a set back a few weeks ago, but is back on track. I often am asked if I can work on anyone that already had spinal surgery. The answer is a resounding YES.

Low Back / Hip Pain / Poor Posture – An 80 year old man started care in April 2021. He has done heavy labor and weight lifting most of his life and continues to do so. His main complaints were Low Back Pain and Hip Pain. X-Rays revealed significant arthritis and degenerated discs in his lower back and neck. I adjusted him for a while and we saw some small improvements in his ability to stand up straight with much less pain. He had to stop care for several weeks. When he returned, he stated that he didn’t realize how much better he felt while getting adjusted now that he hasn’t had any care for a few weeks. We are continuing to work with him to bring him to an optimal level of correction and health.

Digestive Issues / Neck Pain / Headaches – A 24 year old woman started care in July 2021 for unresolved neck pain and headaches. She also had digestive issues that she had for years that was not helped with medical treatment. Care was started with an emphasis on upper cervical brain stem decompression. Almost immediately, her neck, upper back and headache issues began to improve immensely. I had her tested for Food Inflammation Sensitivity and the results helped her modify her diet which led to a drastic improvement in the digestive issues. Most all of us have food sensitivities that we do not know about. Things you may be consuming that are normally healthy for us can have a detrimental effect on your overall wellbeing if you have a sensitivity or inflammatory reaction to it. Let me know if you would like to be tested.

Plagiocephaly / Head Tilt – A 2 month old male was first seen in May 2021. His mother was concerned about the shape of his head and a noticeable head tilt since birth. Care was started and after a few visits (most infants respond almost instantly), he is now fine.

Hip / Lower Back Pain – A 71 year old female was first seen in late May 2021. Her main issues were left hip pain and lower back pain. X-Rays showed multiple subluxations and arthritis in her back and hips. Curiously, her right hip was significantly worse than her left, but did not hurt her at all. Care was started and for the first month or so she kept telling me she was discouraged. I encouraged her to continue as problems that are chronic will take time to reverse. Things started to improve and as the date of writing this, she is doing very well.

Delays in Walking and Talking – A 14 month old girl was first seen in early December, 2021. Her mother stated that she had a few delays including standing / walking and talking. She also had a head tilt and Plagiocephaly (her head was misshaped). This last issue can cause pressure on the brain and lead to improper flow of the cerebral spinal fluid (CSF) which can affect the function of the brain and nervous system. After her first visit, her Physical Therapist noted she was more engaged and was babbling more. I’ve only seen her a few times at this point, but her response is excellent and we hope that she will continue to improve with time.

Neck Pain – A 64 year old woman started care in mid-September, 2021with a primary complaint of chronic neck pain. She had other complaints as well, but the issue with her neck kept her from basic house chores, sleeping and exercising. It took a few weeks of care initially, but she began to respond. Since she started, she had a few setbacks, which is normal, but is currently doing excellent. Who do you know that has chronic pain and was told that they just have to learn to live with it? Specific Chiropractic – Safe and Effective.

Lower Back Pain and More – A 37 year old woman started care the second week of December, 2021 with a wide variety of symptoms including severe lower back pain. She had been suffering for a very long time. After her first adjustment, she had drastic relief and after a few more, was pretty much pain free. Correct the cause, don’t just treat the symptoms.

Plagiocephaly / Head Tilt – A 3 month old male was first seen in mid-December, 2021 by his mother who stated he had torticollis (tight neck muscles pulling the head over to one side) and that his head was misshaped (Plagiocephaly). These two problems go hand in hand. Due to improper positioning in the uterus or from a traumatic birth process, the newborn can have a subluxation in their neck and / or shortened or tight neck muscles that pull the head over. This also pulls on the cranium (skull) and distorts the bone alignment. There are other causes as well. I’ve only seen him twice, but as with most infants and toddlers, I expect his response to be excellent. There was already a noticeable improvement in his skull shape after the first visit.

Low Back and Knee Pain  – A 52year old woman started care in early January, 2023 with chronic lower back pain and knee pain. She had seen another chiropractor in the past who did not do x-rays picked her up and “cracked” her back.  She had complete relief of her lower back pain after the first specific pelvic adjustment.  She decided to try SoftWave for her knee pain and had drastic relief after her first session.

Sinusitis / Ear Infections – A 4 year old girl started care in late December, 2022.  She had a history of reoccurring ear infections and had a set of tubes put in when younger.  On examination, she was noted to have several significant cranial distortions.  She was adjusted using both upper cervical and cranial techniques and as of this writing, has not had an issue.

Headaches – A 4 year old girl started care in mid-December, 2022 with a main complaint of headaches.  Her mother drove over 2 hours to get to our office.  Again, upper cervical and cranial care resolved the issue.

Chronic Pain – Close to 70 patients have either completed or are currently using the SoftWave technology in the office.  Almost 100% have had good to excellent results including myself.  If you have not been to our website yet, go to the SoftWave section and see the before and after photos of my MRI showing a severely herniated lumbar disc.  I had steady pain for 7 months.  The next day I had a SoftWave treatment and have had absolutely no pain since (left pelvic and sciatic pain down the leg).  This IS unusual that the pain stopped and did not return at all.  Most people get relief after the 1st visit and then have ups and downs the first few weeks.  The radiologist that read the first MRI wanted a follow up with contrast due to the severity of the findings.  Four weeks later, as you can see in the photo, the fragment of disc material that was extending into the spinal canal was almost gone.    Other cases include chronic neck pain with immobility, numbness down the arm resolved, improvement with Bell’s Palsy (facial nerve damage), chronic low back pain after years of various treatments including injections, knee pain, knee pain , knee pain, shoulder pain, hip pain and foot pain just to name a few.  

Low Back Pain with Severe Scoliosis – An 88 year old woman started care in April.  She was severely listing (leaning) to the left and had lower back pain.  An examination and x-rays were performed and revealed a congenital anomaly of L5 (the last vertebra in the spine).  This was contributing to her scoliosis as well as many, many years of being subluxated.  We began with light adjustments to her pelvis and lower back based on the x-ray information and put a heel lift in the left shoe to make up for the malformed L5 segment.  After a few weeks, she was walking better and had less pain and was visibly straighter.   I wish cases like this started care before getting to this point, but it is still remarkable that she still had something to gain even though she was 88!

Lower Back Pain and Walking Funny – A 30 year old man comes in for care for his lower back pain.  He also stated that he walks with his leg turned outward.  After an examination and x-rays, it was revealed his pelvis was twisted (in addition to other bio-mechanical issues).  Care began and all of his issues improved almost immediately. He is able to do heavy physical work without an issue.

Shoulder Pain – A 59 year old woman has had a chronic (long standing) shoulder issue.  Immediately after her first SoftWave treatment, her range of motion improved and the pain she has been experiencing decreased. 

Tennis Elbow – A 58 year old man started SoftWave care for a case of lateral epicondylitis (Tennis Elbow).  He has been a long time chiropractic patient.  Within a few visits, he was able to do many hours of yard-work with virtually no pain. 

Hip Pain – A 41 year old woman started care in mid-December, 2022 with a main complaint of hip pain.  She saw improved movement after her first SoftWave treatment and while not completed with her initial 8 visits, has already experienced less pain and more freedom of movement. Her sacro-iliac pain improved as well. 

Diabetic Neruopathy – A 72 year old male had been under care for about a year for the usual chiropractic issues.  His wife had chronic hip and leg pain preventing her from walking and doing the things she enjoyed.  She had such remarkable results with our SoftWave treatment, that he decided to try it for his Neuropathy (basically means nerve damage) which caused him numbness in his feet and legs.  He started having positive results immediately and after his 8 visit protocol, was drastically improved after years of having problems. 

Low Back and Knee Pain  – A 65 year old man started care in June, 2023 with chronic lower back pain and right knee pain and burning. He had seen another chiropractor since the late 1980s with limited relief.  After taking specific x-rays and giving him his first adjustment, he was able to walk better and the leg and knee pain reduced considerably.  Within a few weeks, he was feeling better than he has in decades and is able to do things around his home that he would not have even attempted prior to care including heavy lifting and welding. 

Chronic Neck and Low Back Pain – A 61 year old woman started care in July, 2023.  Her main complaint was a long standing history of Neck Pain that limited her movement.  She also had lower back pain.   She lives an hour away and heard about the work we are doing with SoftWave TRT and wanted to give it a try.  After completing her visit schedule (8 visits), her neck pain is completely gone and her range of motion (ROM) is vastly improved.  She still has some lower back pain and decided to include chiropractic care to further help her body heal itself. 

Neck / Low Back / Leg Pain – A 57 year old man started care in mid-September, 2023 with a main complaint of Lower Back and Leg Pain.  He does heavy labor daily at his job.  After a complete exam and specific x-rays, care was started and he had immediate relief of his symptoms.  After just two weeks of care, he is feeling great and I am his new almost best friend. 

Severe Hip and Abdominal Pain – An 84 year old woman had been under chiropractic care for about 2 years with limited relief.  She suffered with right sided hip pain that went into the lower part of her abdomen.  She had seen many other medical providers with no relief.  She decided try SoftWave Therapy and after her 8 visits, had drastic relief of all the pain and as of this writing, is relatively pain free.  SoftWave TRT unlocks the body’s self-healing power so that it can help itself.  It is an excellent alternative to medication, shots or surgery and in most cases, gives drastic relief. 

Sorry if I left anyone out. There have been a good number of patients that have recently started care with neck and lower back issues, some very chronic, that have responded well. Congratulations to all for committing to your health and staying the course.


We have witnessed so many amazing cases since opening our doors in 1986, it is difficult to just pick a few to write about. The miracle of connecting the brain with the body thru the specific, corrective adjustment never ceases to amaze me. If you notice, I write mainly about the kids and younger patients. Imagine what the rest of their lives would have been like without the benefit of Specific Chiropractic. This work is truly LIFE changing.

We have seen many other conditions respond to our care.  Just keep in mind that you can not be as healthy as you can be if your nervous system is not functioning to its optimum level.  Unless you have tried Specific Chiropractic, then you have not tried everything.  

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