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Dr. La Barbera attended two separate advanced programs in Cranial Methods as part of his post graduate studies.  This method of correcting the alignment and movement / function of the cranial (skull) bones helps attain a higher level of nervous system function.  It also helps to normalize the circulation of the spinal fluid around the brain and spinal cord.  80% of your nervous system (the brain) is in the skull or cranium.  Proper alignment and function of the cranial bones and dura or meninges (the covering of the brain and spinal cord) is vital for good health since it affects the flow of the cerebral spinal fluid around the brain and spinal cord.  This fluid flow is vital to bring in nutrients and remove toxins.  This method of care is extremely helpful with lesions of the brain and central nervous system.  Developmental delays, seizures, strokes, TMJ issues, pediatric skull malformations (plagiocephaly), facial neuralgias and other related conditions have responded well to this type of specialized care.  He uses both SOT (Sacro-Occipital Technique) Cranial methods and CATS (Cranial Adjusting Turner Style) techniques.


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