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If back pain seems to be ever present in your life, Dr. Joseph La Barbera at La Barbera Family Chiropractic in Utica, NY, offers customized treatment that includes the most effective relief techniques.


Benefits of Working with a Chiropractor for Back Pain

Millions of people around the world suffer from pain in their backs, and many aren’t sure what to do about it. They might have tried home remedies or visited various types of specialists to no avail. And sometimes, they think that the pain will eventually go away on its own.

Unfortunately, they usually continue suffering and missing out on life. Below, Dr. La Barbera and the team at La Barbera Family Chiropractic in Utica, NY, share how working with a chiropractor can provide lasting and comprehensive relief from back pain.


Healing Requires Correcting the Problem

One of the main reasons that people who do seek relief don’t find it is that many healthcare providers focus on the symptoms. Though feeling better is the goal, only addressing the symptoms is not going to provide lasting relief because the root of the pain is still there. This is also why people who choose a “wait it out” method don’t see results.

Chiropractic care is different. It does seek to relieve your pain, but it does so by addressing the cause of that pain. When the back is involved, the root is usually a misalignment, herniated disc, tension, nerve compression, or even scar tissue from an old injury. By treating these issues, the source of the pain is gone.


Chiropractic Care Involves Natural Healing

If you’re concerned that visiting a chiropractor will lead to invasive techniques or pain medication, you can rest easy. Chiropractors use techniques that correct the issue and enable the body to carry out its natural healing processes. The following are just a few examples of these techniques.

  • Adjustments: When a bone in the spine shifts out of its place, it can impact the discs, muscles, nerves, and other spinal components. Adjustments are used to shift the bones back to their proper alignment, which relieves the undue stress and strain.
  • SoftWave Therapy: SoftWave Therapy is a treatment technique that sends sound waves into the tissues of the back. Along with reducing inflammation and tension, it stimulates the repair and regeneration of any damaged tissues.
  • Therapeutic Exercise: Therapeutic exercises are used for a variety of purposes, including relieving tension in the back, strengthening the core support muscles, and improving range of motion.


Let Dr. La Barbera and the team at La Barbera Family Chiropractic in Utica, NY, develop a customized treatment plan to relieve your back pain. Call (315) 724-0368 to schedule an appointment today. 

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