Natural Pain Relief

At LaBarbera Family Chiropractic and Cranial Care of Utica, NY, we understand how impactful pain can be on someone's quality of life. It makes it harder to perform daily tasks, let alone enjoy them. Most doctors prescribe medications or other invasive approaches to mitigate pain, but it's Dr. Joseph LaBarbera's philosophy to stick to natural pain relief strategies.

What are natural pain relief strategies?

There are many different pain relief strategies that exist, ranging from herbal supplements to shockwave therapy. We may also prescribe therapeutic exercise to improve musculoskeletal function. Our shockwave therapy treatment in particular is one we often recommend to our patients. Our technology offers a cutting edge way to reduce pain and inflammation while also serving as a diagnostic tool.

Why are natural pain relief methods superior?

Natural pain relief strategies give those suffering from chronic pain a way to move past it without becoming dependent on medications. At LaBarbera Family Chiropractic and Cranial Care of Utica, NY, it's our goal to target and treat the underlying source of pain if possible. If not, it's our mission to correct it as much as possible and provide pain relief strategies that work. Our methods have minimal side effects and can be effective on day one. Dr. LaBarbera is an expert in his craft, and he's helped many patients achieve results they never thought possible.

Who may benefit from our pain relief strategies?

Many types of people can benefit from natural pain relief. We most often see those experiencing chronic pain and/or inflammation, such as those with arthritis or neuropathy, come to our clinic in search of an alternative to pain medications. Those rehabilitating from injury and surgery may also benefit from some of our treatments. In general, we can help almost anyone experiencing acute or chronic pain live and rehabilitate more smoothly.

If you're interested in learning more about what LaBarbera Family Chiropractic has to offer, reach out today! Dr. LaBarbera is committed to helping people just like you experience true pain relief. Just call the office at (315) 724-0368 or book an appointment online here. We look forward to helping you improve your health and wellness!

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