A Chiropractic education requires a minimum of 3 years of undergraduate study before being accepted into a Chiropractic College. Then an additional 5 "academic years" of post graduate education is required. This can be completed in 3 1/2 years if a student attends school all year round without any breaks.

Chiropractic Education Compared to Medical Education

                     Chiropractic classroom hours           Medical classroom hours

Anatomy                                 540                                       508

Physiology                              240                                      326

Pathology                               360                                       401

Chemistry                               165                                      325

Microbiology                        120                                       114

Diagnosis                                630                                       324

Neurology                              320                                       112

X-Ray                                        360                                       148

Psychiatry                              60                                         144

Obstetrics                              60                                         148

Orthopedics                         210                                       156

Total Hours                          2,887                                    2,706

This does not include residency, internships or extra-curricular studies or specialties of either profession. 

Upon completion of all educational requirements and graduation, a Doctor of Chiropractic must also pass a 5 part National Board examination to practice in most U.S. states.  They may also need to pass state examinations depending on where they want to practice.

This comparison chart is based on the review of curriculum catalogues from eleven chiropractic colleges and twenty-two medical schools in the United States.

Taken from Chiropractic First by Terry A. Rondberg, D.C., published by The Chiropractic Journal

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